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Reasons for crusher faults and solutions...

Crusher in the installation, Henan Hongxing combined with some of the recommendations given by the customers of following the failure of the crusher and troubleshooting. If you have a new problem, otherwise add! Customers have a better suggestion, I hope a lot of pointing out.

1. the material particle size is too large. Reason: hammer crusher wear too much; screen faults. Remedy: Replace the hammer; replace the sieve. Flexible coupling to produce a percussion sound. Reasons: loose pin; elastic ring wear; Remedy: stop and tighten the pin nut; replace the elastic ring.

2. reduced yields. Reasons: the sieve gap blockage; feeding uneven. Remedy: Parking, clearing blockages in the sieve gap; adjust feeding agencies.

3. the vibration procedures. Reasons: to replace the hammer wear and tear due to cone so that the rotor static balance of sub-requirements; hammerhead broken rotor imbalance; pin bending, broken; the cracks of the triangular plate or dish garden; bolt umbrella Remedy: Remove the hammer , select the hammer by weight, the total weight of each hammer shaft hammer with its equal to the relative total weight of the hammer shaft hammer, meet the requirements of static equilibrium; replace the hammer; replace the pin; welding repair or replacement; fastening anchor bolt.

4. inside the machine to produce a percussion sound. The reason: non-detritus into the apparatus; mining crusher liner fasteners relaxation, the hammer impact on the liner; hammer or other parts breaking. Remedy: parking, cleaning up the crushing chamber; check the liner fastening and the gap between the hammer and the sieve; replacement of the fracture parts.

5. Crusher bearing overheating. Reasons: lack of grease; grease too much; grease dirty deterioration; bearing damage. Remedy: filling the right amount of grease; 50% of the volume of the bearing greases for its space; cleaning bearings; replace grease; replace the bearings.

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