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Some Recommendations of Increasing Production Capacity of Ball Mill

Ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) these main parts. The machine runs smoothly, works reliably. The following things we will discusses the factors and suggestions of affecting the ball mill production. 
The quality of the cement: 

The quality of cement, just from the grinding process to talk, it is not directly related crushing and grinding powder efficiency. China's cement quality inspection indicators are generally two: the residual value and the specific surface area of the cement sieve. But in recent years, the international cement quality inspection indicators is cement particle size distribution, and this indicator than cement sieve residual value and the ratio of surface area better reflects the real situation of the cement quality. 

Usually, the cement particles, particles is less than 3μm can hydrate faster, it is not conducive to long-term strength of the cement, and recommended that not more than 10%; substantially the particles greater than 65μm is no activity; the 16-24μm particles have the highest activity. Some cement plants add limestone during production. Limestone is not active, just is simply a filler, but it can improve the particle size distribution of cement products. 

Improve mill output:

After the study, it does not consider the fine grinding before crushing, so grinding process has two types: open and circle streams. Under the same conditions, the circle production is higher about 20-35% than that of open stream. A circle stream product, its particle size distribution is relatively uniform and is also more convenient to adjust the cement grade;

However, the grinding materials of open circuit mill is finished product, the product particle composition distribution is more dispersed, there is over grinding phenomenon affecting the quality and yield of the cement.

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