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The Reasons for the Temperature Increasing of Ball Mill

The mesh between the worm gear and the worm is not good; the bearing is damaged or the gap is too large; there are impurities entering the machine.

Remedies: trimming the contact surface of the tooth; taking replacement of bearings, adding an appropriate amount of lubricating in accordance with the instructions; removing the impurities and replacing the bearing. 

It is inevitable that there are some problems in the usage of the ball mill. Among the failures, the most common problem that the users will encounter is the heating of the ball mill, which is harmful to the machine. If the problem cannot be settled timely, it will cause even worse results. To solve these problems in a timely manner will help to make a more perfect operation of the ball mill. The following is the reasons for the heating of the ball mill. 

Oil seal and sealing gasket are damaged, which will cause the oil is excessive and the oil pointer is not in the normal condition. 

Remedies: replacing the seals and the sealing gasket, adding an appropriate amount of lubricant, and tightening the oil plug, replacing the oil pointer. 

Remedies: adjusting the load to the appropriate degree or selecting the large size ball mill; adding the appropriate lubricant according to the instructions; adding a few drops of lubricant on the oil sealing; adjusting the ball mill to the proper position. The driving device is not fixed properly; the worm wheel gets damaged or suffer serious wear; the wear of the bearing is serious or the bearing is damaged; the bolt is loose.  
Remedies: fixing the driving device; replacing the worm gear; replacing the bearing; tightening the bolts; emoving the impurities and changing the lubricants. 

The machine is operated with overload; the lubricant is too little or too much; the quality of the lubricants is poor or inappropriate; oil sealing stands excessive friction; the connection between the output shaft and the driving device gear is improper.

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