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Should do supervision to the best for ball mill...

The magnetic system of partial tailings grade, large partial after concentrate can not be upgraded to the concentrate side off, but the elevated tailings grade. The magnetic system of partial, so that concentrates the upgrade is too high, shortened sweep constituency, the tailings grade increased, so the angle of the magnetic system should adjust to the moderate position.
The distance between the rough constituency cylinder surface in the end bottom of the board called the work space. The size of the working gap to affect the sorting effect.Gap, the flow of the slurry, and help to improve the handling capacity, but farther away from the cylinder surface, the lower magnetic field strength, so make the tailings grade increased, reducing the metal recovery. 

On the contrary, if the work space is small, the magnetic field strength is increased, make the concentrate grade decreased, but the recovery rate can be higher. If the gap is too small, the slurry flow rate too fast, and mineral particles too late to breathe on the cylindrical surface of the slurry flow brought tailings, will cause the rise of tailings grade, and even make the tailings discharge difficulties, there 'full tank 'phenomenon. 

There are many factors to influence permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, such as bottom box type, the structure of the magnetic system, magnetic features, the declination of the magnetic system, work space, sorting concentration and cylinder rotational speed.Magnetic system declination inappropriate will significantly affect the separation indexes.Angle of declination of the so-called magnetic system magnetic system arc centerline of the cylinder center vertical line.Henan Hongxing ore rotary kiln will be your best choice. 

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Separator installation and maintenance to be taken to ensure that appropriate work space.Sorting concentration determines the size of a certain amount of ore slurry flow rate, the separation time of the impact of mineral particles. High concentrations, the slow flow rate, resistance, and easily mixed with gangue in the concentrate, and reduce the quality of concentrate. 

However, due to sorting a long time, favorable to the recovery rate.Conversely, if the concentration of separation, concentrate grade, while the tailings grade will be increased, so that recovery rate lower. On the contrary, small disperse the water to make mineral particles can not be fully loose and impact of the effect of sorting, so that the tailings grade increased, lower concentrate grade. 

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