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Stop Means Stop: 101 Bail Bonds

Stop Means Stop: 101 Bail Bonds
"""Calls to collect bail bonds are received from the jails at all hours of the day and night, but primarily in the wee hours. I leave to speak with the person who has been detained and complete the appropriate paperwork to secure their release.

You've probably heard the adage ""one thing leads to another"" before. Here are three instances of this prevalent theme in the bail industry, though I could write an entire book on the subject. I'll make it easy.

The typical scenario is that the person who was detained was stopped for failing to roll to a stop or stop completely at a red light before turning. A rolling stop, also known as a California stop, is when the car slows down before moving on. Alternatively put, disregarding the stop sign.

When they are stopped, the issue arises. The officer rolls down the window and smells alcohol coming from the motorist. A sobriety test, a car search, license verification for any other occupants, and an assessment of whether the passengers have consumed alcohol come next. The driver ought to have made a full stop.

As I'm writing this, this story keeps coming to me. I was out with two buddies in a restaurant/bar in the late 1980s. After leaving, we were stopped for inconsistent lane changing. Not me, the driver. I was an onlooker. One cop drove off after loading the driver into the squad car. When the other officer inquired about our drinking habits, we both replied, ""Yes, we had drunk alcohol in the restaurant/bar."" As a result, our friend's automobile was driven by the passenger cop, who also took us to the police station. When we got there, we figured we could drive our friend's car home, so we got out. Not so. The policeman ordered us to exit, locked the car, and bid us good night. How are we going to get home? I asked. ""You both are big dudes, you'll figure it out,"" he said in response. It was a distance walk.

When the driver is stopped and narcotics are discovered, the story has another depressing ending. You must learn this tiny trick to add to this illustration. The car's owner was too drunk to operate it. Consequently, a friend offered to drive. Remember that he was only traveling to help his friend; this wasn't his vehicle. Well, the replacement driver runs a stop sign because he's eager to get home and end the night. When the driver pulls over, the officer conducts an inspection while the lights flash. Bingo! narcotics in the trunk. The motorist was detained. While he wasn't the one driving, even though it wasn't his automobile, he was nonetheless responsible for its contents. If you offer to drive a friend's automobile, think carefully.

This case serves as a sobering reminder of how distorted an officer's vision might be. The setup is known to us. The policeman commands, """"Pop the trunk,"""" in order to investigate the vehicle. Surprise! A baseball bat is located in the trunk, the locked trunk. However, there are no bases, gloves, baseballs, caps, or other baseball-related items. caught with a concealed firearm. The small baseball bats with your favorite team's logo on them that you can buy as a memento are a footnote to this example. There is a good likelihood that you are not returning from a baseball game if it is late at night. Be cautious.

The wording on the red sign reads, ""STOP!""

""Stop doing it. Even while your buddies might not think it's fun, getting stopped and taken into custody is less cool.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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