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How to Copy Text from a Website with Disabled Right-Click of Mouse?

Sometimes, you might visit a website where you want to copy its text but when you right-click the mouse, you are surprised. You cannot copy its text because the mouse right-click is disabled. Some webmasters disabled the right-click because they don't want others to scrape their website content. 

Disable Right Click of Mouse

They think that by disabling the right-click, they can keep their content/text original because nobody can copy it. Many webmasters are not aware that by disabling the right-click, they're making their visitors annoyed and their website unfriendly. If you want to copy the text or content of website with disabled right-click, here are the steps to enable the disabled right-click and successfully copy the text/content:

Step 1
Install or use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
Step 2
Install and use the Web Developer extension.

Step 3
Restart your browser. Go to the website or webpage where you want to copy the content or text. If you're using Google Chrome, click the Web Developer extension (Web Developer extension) located at the upper-right part of the browser and disable javascript:

Disable Javascript

If you're using Firefox, go to the Disable menu and click on the Disable JavaScript. Disable All JavaScript.

Disable JavaScript Web Developer

Step 4
Refresh or reload the page. And you can now copy the text of content of the website.

Happy copying!
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