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How to Record or Burn Many DVD's Simultaneously (Philippines)?

In the Philippines, you can burn or record multiple CD or DVD discs at the same by using a DVD duplicator machine. A DVD duplicator machine can burn both CD's and DVD's. You can burn any data, music, videos, or other files on the disc.
How does a CD/DVD duplicator machine work?
First, you should have a master copy or an original copy of the CD/DVD you want to burn. Then insert the master copy to the master cd/dvd writer and reader of  the duplicator machine. And insert the blank cd/dvd's to the other dvd writers. The duplicator machine will then read and process the file content of the master dvd copy and burn that file contents to the blank dvd's. Wait for few minutes (depending on the size of the data). There are dvd duplicators that can burn up to 11 copies of dvd's at the same time. This is 1:11 type of dvd duplicator. There also 1:7 dvd duplicator machines that can copy 7 dvd's simultaneously.
Pictures of CD/DVD Duplicator Machine
Here some samples of CD/DVD Duplicator Machines:
DVD duplicator machine
CD-DVD Duplicator Machine
Where can you buy a high quality and affordable CD/DVD Duplicator machine in the Philippines?
You can search some high quality and cheaper DVD duplicator machines and DVD writers in Lazada.com:

Price of CD/DVD Duplicator in Philippines
The price of 1:11 DVD duplicator can run from Php 17,000 to Php 30,000 depending on the brand.
  • To achieve the best quality or recording/burning, set the copying/burning speed to slow (you may set it to 4x speed). Burning dvd's at slow speed can increase the quality of videos, music or data you burn. Burning at high speed can cause videos to run like a pirated dvd's/cd's (unusual pauses or stop and start moment). In other words, data on that dvd can be hard to read by dvd players.

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John   (30 July 2016 2:55 PM)
I'm a missionary and my dvd writer got broke on the plane trip. How much for the dvd writer of burning 4 at a time ?

admin   (01 August 2016 2:33 PM)
Hi John, the price of 1 dvd writer ranges from Php800 to Php1,000. You can buy quality DVD writers at Lazada.com. Or click here. Search for DVD writer in the search field. You can also search for DVD duplicators.

ALIASGAR DIMALA   (10 December 2015 5:58 AM)
Hello i would like to ask the price of the dvd/cd duplicator machine and how can i order the unit? kindly please email me at my email account and send some picture and price of the unit so that i can view the picture of the unit and also the price thank you. godbless

vic lopez   (25 August 2015 1:19 AM)
how much is DVD duplicator and dvd blank wholesale boxes?if anyone is interested text me first i dont answer unknown callers 09085697649. C.O.D payment . I will go to where to pick up no need to deliver

Parvinder Singh   (13 May 2015 3:15 PM)
Wanted to know the price of CD/DVD Duplicator Machine.
Also send me your contact info for buying your product.