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A bankruptcy discharge can relieve a person of all debts except for taxes.

A bankruptcy discharge can relieve a person of all debts except for taxes.
"""In ancient Rome, it was hazardous to become indebted to another person. You could be sold into servitude to pay off your debt. In the worst-case scenario, you could be dismembered to serve as an example for those who are on the verge of falling into debt. In fact, there was no such thing as bankruptcy at the time.

Certainly, times have changed since then. Currently, it is utilized as a remedy for those who are severely in debt. When a client is unable to pay his or her debts, an attorney can submit a petition for bankruptcy with the courts. With the exception of one home and one vehicle, assets are liquidated to pay off as much debt as feasible. This is a technicality in a Chapter 7 case, in which, with the exception of taxation, all debt is typically discharged.

The United States has the most progressive system in the world when it comes to permitting bankruptcy to wipe out all debt and assisting debtors in starting over. Another progressive nation is the United Kingdom. It has a system that permits debt relief in this manner.

It originated in England in 1542, according to historical records. It was initially designed to assist creditors. During the reign of King Henry VIII, the law permitted a creditor to seize the assets of a trader who was unable to pay his debts. This debtor's household was forced to pay. If they refused or were unable to pay, the delinquent was sent to prison. The family was then required to pay his debts in order to secure his release.

In the eighteenth century, it was common practice to release and relocate debtors to the United States, which were then English colonies. When the United States Constitution was ratified in 1789, it granted Congress the authority to establish laws governing how bankruptcies were handled in the United States. Federal law is administered by federal tribunals.

In the majority of nations, bankruptcy fraud is a punishable offense. It's a Federal crime in the United States. Multiple filings are not illegal, although they are strongly discouraged. Individuals who file multiple tax returns may be investigated for possible misconduct. The debtor must disclose all of their assets. Even a closed case may be reopened if assets were concealed. In such a case, a magistrate would decide whether or not to prosecute for fraud. Perjury is a serious allegation that will be considered.

U.S. law specifies six kinds. Chapter 7 is fundamental liquidation. In addition to being the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy, this is also the quickest. Chapter 9 bankruptcy is used to eliminate municipal obligations. Businesses utilize Chapter 11 to reorganize and continue operations while repaying debts. Chapter 12 offers fishermen and family producers restitution.

Chapter 13 is rehabilitative, allowing individuals to gradually repay all debts using their regular source of income. This category is known as wage earners. Chapter 15 pertains to international cases, allowing foreign debtors to discharge their obligations.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows financially distressed debtors to discharge their debts or pay them off in exchange for a fresh financial start. It is anticipated that they have learned to manage their finances and refrain from incurring new debt. Further, it is anticipated that they will not rely on bankruptcy as a recurring option.""

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