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Advantages and disadvantages of Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Advantages and disadvantages of Individual Voluntary Arrangements
"""An IVA will demonstrate to your creditors that you're in charge of your debt and intend to repay it. You will agree to legally binding terms specifying how, when, and for how much payments will be made. This article will give you a thorough understanding of what to anticipate when obtaining an IVA.

The Benefits of an IVA

An IVA will leave you debt-free.
An IVA can protect your residence from foreclosure.
You may still maintain a checking account, but you won't be permitted to have an overdraft.
A 5 year IVA can lead to debt freedom.
You can write off as much as 75 percent of your debt.
An IVA requires you to repay only what you can afford.
Don't let creditors contact you.
Defend yourself against legal action
If you enter into an IVA, creditors must cease sending you demands.
Unlike bankruptcy, an IVA does not require that your identity be published in a local newspaper; your IVA is your business.
IVAs enable business proprietors to continue operations.
An IVA provides you greater control over which assets creditors can access.
Creditors can be granted greater dividends.
In contrast to bankruptcy, you can keep your employment, and if you are a company director, you can maintain your position.
You can also continue to hold public office positions if you establish an IVA.
IVAs are less expensive than bankruptcies.
An IVA allows you to retain all of your assets, so your residence is not at risk.
Creditors actually favor IVAs because they can recover tax relief on bad debts.
IVAs are binding even if creditors vote against them.
An IVA allows you to manage your debt in your own way.

The Negatives of an IVA

An IVA may last up to 5 years, whereas bankruptcy lasts only 1 year.
Although your IVA is not broadcast, it is recorded in a publicly accessible register (Individual Insolvency Register). You MUST include ALL of your creditors. If you leave anyone out, they could pursue you.
With an IVA, payments are proportional to income.
In uncommon instances, an IVA can last an additional year on top of the standard five.
If you owe a substantial amount, it may be necessary to discharge some of the equity in your home.
You must owe a minimum of £15 000 to a minimum of three creditors.
A monthly IVA payment of at least £200 is required.
An IVA can be a wonderful deal, but you are locked in for its duration.
Obtaining an IVA will prevent additional unsecured borrowing.
IVAs can remain on a credit report for up to six years.
You will ultimately repay more than your IVA amount.
You will be required to repay 75% of the total debt amount.
If you are unable to repay your IVA, you will be declared insolvent.
If you fail to repay your creditors, you cannot be certain that your property will not become collateral damage.
IVAs are legally binding; therefore, it is a crime punishable by imprisonment to mislead or deceive about them.

If you are interested in obtaining an IVA, you must consult with an insolvency practitioner. Therefore, each case of personal insolvency should be evaluated on an individual basis. Speaking with an insolvency practitioner will allow you to determine precisely what is best for you and your situation.

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