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Benefits Of The Automatic Stay When Filing For Bankruptcy

Benefits Of The Automatic Stay When Filing For Bankruptcy
"""The decision to declare bankruptcy is never a simple one. Nonetheless, if you cannot meet your financial obligations or pay your debts, you may need to apply for bankruptcy protection. On the surface, most people view the restructuring of debt and possible discharge of certain debts as the most advantageous aspects of declaring bankruptcy. On multiple levels, it is accurate to assert that these benefits are pronounced and advantageous. However, many others may argue that obtaining an automatic stay is one of the greatest benefits of registering for bankruptcy protection.

This evaluation is frequently accurate. The automatic stay can be considered the most significant immediate advantage of registering for bankruptcy.

What is the meaning of an automatic stay? Commonly, an automatic stay is referred to as an injunction. The injunction is fully automated (hence the term ""automatic stay""), which means that as soon as you file for bankruptcy, an injunction goes into effect, halting all collection efforts by creditors.

This will predominantly affect unsecured debt. In order to continue collection on secured debts, a creditor must file a petition with the bankruptcy court. Granted, the court will determine how such a collection action is to be conducted.

The overwhelming number of advantages that can be derived from an automatic stay is nearly insurmountable. Among the most prevalent and useful advantages are:

Immediate liquidity enhancement commences. How can this be? You will no longer be required to fulfill obligations beyond what the court deems equitable for all involved parties. Occasionally, a lender may be 'denied' payments for several months. All of this serves the extremely useful function of generating cash flow, which is another term for liquidity. With an increase in cash flow, you can then take the necessary steps to create a budget that works for your current situation.

Furthermore, it should go without saying that a bankruptcy automatic stay has numerous beneficial psychological components. When your creditors stop pressuring you to make payments you do not have the cash to make, you will likely experience a dramatic reduction in tension. In addition, you would not be required to find additional sources of revenue or to liquidate additional assets in order to make such payments. Once the bankruptcy court has issued the injunction stay, you will no longer be subject to the extreme tension that situations of this nature are apt to induce.

Clearly, a delay of action has a variety of positive effects, including financial and psychological advantages. Because of these advantages, it is evident that such a stay facilitates your ability to reclaim your life. And isn't that what bankruptcy should involve in the first place?""

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