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Business Credit Card Debt - Filing for Bankruptcy Should Never Be Considered When Problems Arise

Business Credit Card Debt - Filing for Bankruptcy Should Never Be Considered When Problems Arise
"""You may have amassed a substantial amount of business credit card debt to keep your business afloat, as well as some personal credit card debt, but don't let a few trivial issues cause you to consider bankruptcy when a small business bailout is all you need to succeed.

Everyone is aware of taxpayer-funded bailouts for too-big-to-fail corporations, to the tune of billions of dollars, but very few are aware of bankruptcy alternatives for too-small-to-fail businesses, the true backbone of the American economic system.

This bailout is funded by the financial sector, not by taxpayers. Therefore, feel free to utilize the concept that is guaranteed by federal law to eliminate not only your business debt but also your personal credit card debt.

You'll need to comprehend some background information on how this law operates, and it may appear intimidating if you're not experienced in these matters, but this failsafe debt elimination method will make perfect sense to you after only a few minutes of study.

When the Vietnam War was ravaging in 1966, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was being drafted by the Federal Trade Commission. However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act never made national news. For over forty years, the law was largely unknown.

People and businesses stumbled upon the FTC law by accident, but usually after the fact when collectors had already obtained a default judgment and there was little that could be done. Simply perform a search for """"FTC debt video"""", and after viewing it a few times, you will begin to understand the authority you have been given.

The reason why most people """"don't get it"""" as a form of debt elimination is that they fail to recognize that modern banking systems operate digitally and do not satisfy the compliance standards required by the old law, which was written nearly 30 years before the digital age was born.

When you anticipate and mentally prepare for the barrage of collection agencies that will contact you as your business or personal finances deteriorate, it is simple to demand proof of debt, which the collection agencies are unable to legally provide under the old law.

Your business credit card debt or personal debt, whichever is applicable, will cease to exist, rendering bankruptcy unnecessary. Due to the fact that not a single credit reporting agency is operating legally under federal law, it is even simpler to improve your credit score if you are concerned about it. You fret excessively! Enjoy your existence and have fun!""

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