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Can We Talk About Bankruptcy?

Can We Talk About Bankruptcy?
"""I once had neighbors, and during a quiet summer afternoon, their 5-year-old daughter ran to our home yelling for me to come quickly! Angela was cradling her 2-year-old son, who was having a seizure, while calling 911 and waiting for an ambulance. It was a frightening situation, a crisis! That was the initial occurrence.

Over the course of the following year, he had many more seizures, and his caregivers had to quickly learn how to deal with them without overreacting - administering medications, taking his vital signs, and remaining composed.

Initially, the crisis necessitated emergency aid and supplies, but as the condition persisted, they had to learn how to deal with it as a weekly occurrence! Those of you who have a child with a medical condition are well aware of this. You may feel immobilized at first because it is so terrifying and life-threatening, but as it persists, you must learn to adapt and essentially become your own paramedic.

Comparable experience when filing for bankruptcy.

Initially, the devastation of heavy debt and the impact on your family necessitates emergency assistance; however, you soon realize that this is your life right now and you MUST address the day-to-day living routine, and YOU must be the one to take charge and begin working on a plan to get you through the next day, week, and year.

How do you manage that?

Here are three helpful measures to take in this type of crisis:

FIRST; Evaluate Examine your current situation with complete honesty. How much do you need for sustenance, transportation, rent or mortgage, your children's education, etc.? What have you outlined for your finances in the future? Where can you locate support, assistance, and resources?

SECOND; Admit Where did the errors occur? How did you get to this location? Exist behaviors that require modification? It is time to conduct an honest evaluation so that you can acknowledge what occurred and proceed with discernment. Perhaps a financial group or expert, such as Money Mentors (a Canadian non-profit organization), can provide assistance and advice.

Thirdly; Advancement Now you are able to tackle one challenge at a time. Which bill is due next, and have you contacted your utility providers to make them aware of your situation so that they may grant you leniency? What sustenance items do you require for THIS week? Where are your assets located? Have you contacted your community's food bank, church, social services, etc.? How can you start to generate a tad more income? One step at a time, and you will soon be on the path to - Success.

You WILL eventually achieve triumph.

Assess, Admit, and Progress to achieve Success.

I have emerged from seven years of bankruptcy stronger, wiser, and aware of my continued worth - and so do you.

For further information or to contact me at any time, please visit www.suestyles.com. I'd enjoy getting to know you ""

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