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Filing a New Bankruptcy That Is More Effective Than the Old Method So You Lose Nothing

Filing a New Bankruptcy That Is More Effective Than the Old Method So You Lose Nothing
"""You are considering pursuing a new bankruptcy because you have a small amount of unsecured credit card debt and are terrified of debt collectors. You should be aware that the new government regulations were lobbied for and paid for by the banks, and you will lose almost everything you've labored for your entire life.

There are so many federal government branches that one hand has no idea what the other is doing. Consider the search term """"Bill Clinton Congressional sex definition"""" to see how Clinton's impeachment was averted due to Congress's inability to define sex!

You should remember that these elected officials must be driven because they can't drive, some of them can't swim or tie their shoes, and someone must watch out for their safety so they don't glance up and drown during a rainstorm! Banking lobbyists instruct them on how to vote, so they have nothing to worry about.

This essentially means that what one congressional committee does with a law is undone by another committee before or after. The consequence is that you do not need to file for bankruptcy due to credit card or other unsecured debt.

Long before the computer age and the advent of digital debt, the Federal Trade Commission drafted laws in 1966 defining what constitutes fairness in debt collection. The new bankruptcy law is nothing more than a conspiracy hatched in Congress by banks to wipe out your credit rating.

Now, to get a better understanding of what you'll be facing with unsecured obligations, we must go back a few hundred years and examine how things have evolved to the present day.

Google """"the deal is up - money, the Federal Reserve, and you"""" for the most illuminating history lesson you have ever encountered. This video was presented at the University of Colorado School of Law by a junior constitutional attorney, so get your free ""eureka!"" moment now!

If you have genuinely watched the performance, your life has been irrevocably altered by this new information, the pieces of which fell into place while you watched the video.

You should now realize that all the unsecured items you were so concerned about can be easily swept under the rug or thrown away if you challenge whether or not you were actually loaned money in court and demand legal evidence.

Now search """"FTC debt video"""" to see just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do to bounce bankers and their thug collectors off the courthouse walls like ping-pong balls, and try not to feel guilty when they lament to their mothers that you are not playing fairly!

If you really want to play dirty and laugh at the new bankruptcy game, all you have to do is include asset protection, expert legal counsel, and someone to speak with debt collectors on your behalf. It will be like walking into the ancient Roman Colosseum while carrying your new machine gun and being fed to the lions!

Now you are aware that you do not need to file a new, old, or any type of bankruptcy because there are too many enjoyable methods to deal with a small amount of unsecured debt that are supported by your constitutional rights and the rule of law. It's similar to intercourse, and Congress has no idea!""

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