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Filing Bankruptcy Paperwork Without A Lawyer's Assistance

Filing Bankruptcy Paperwork Without A Lawyer's Assistance
"For consumers of average means endeavoring to eliminate mounting medical bills or credit card debt balances, legal representation is most valuable during the initial paperwork phase preceding bankruptcy filing. Still, even if the cost of an attorney is prohibitive, debtors need not empty their bank accounts to devise an effective debt elimination strategy. Handling the bankruptcy documents on your own may take a bit more time, but every household head should be capable of doing so if they employ patience and good judgment.When debtors first begin to tackle the bankruptcy paperwork, they spend the most time pondering which of their household items to include in the disclosure of assets, which makes little sense when you pause to think about it. We do not desire to give the impression that this section of the documentation is unimportant. This relatively small section could make or break a bankruptcy filing, so those filling out the forms should not spend more than a moment contemplating whether a rusted-out automobile or a broken-down flat-screen television should be included. During the preliminary stages of preparing to file for bankruptcy, we advise all readers managing their own finances without the assistance of an attorney to follow the Hippocratic oath and do no harm. In other words, if any line of the forms causes you to hesitate, incline on the side of providing too much information and avoid arousing the suspicions of the governing bodies.In theory, the primary reason for undergoing the bother of turning your financial life upside down to file bankruptcy (at least Chapter 7 bankruptcy) should be to eliminate all outstanding federally imposed obligations. Assume you are confident that you will be able to demonstrate to the courts that your household's income in recent years was so low that admission to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy framework is not a concern. Further, let's assume that your credit ratings are already so tarnished (and your personal property has either been sold long ago or is completely worthless, aside from sentimental value) that you no longer need to hide assets or maintain some semblance of a FICO score in order to avoid the inevitable consequences of filing for bankruptcy. This does not imply that you should rush through the application without concern.Remember that it is solely the responsibility of the trustee and the judicial clerks to determine your eligibility to file for bankruptcy and, assuming you survive the bureaucratic maze, to notify the lenders and collection agencies listed on your original bankruptcy petition that their loan balances, if applicable to this discussion, are no longer collectible under federal law. If you neglect to note the name of a credit card account with a lower limit that you haven't used in a few years while the bankruptcy is pending, that last lender will continue to be a threat to your bottom line. Even if it were revealed that you compiled your list of creditors hastily, it would not jeopardize the program; it would merely reduce the overall efficacy of the bankruptcy.
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