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Filing for Bankruptcy To Stop Disobedient Debt Collectors

Filing for Bankruptcy To Stop Disobedient Debt Collectors
"In 2010, over 1.5 million petitions for bankruptcy were lodged in the United States. With so many people declaring bankruptcy, one must ask how many debt collection agencies are calling people daily. The average debt collector makes approximately 200 contacts per day, which, assuming full-time employment, equates to 50,000 calls per year. It is impossible to contact so many phone numbers. The majority of debt collection agencies use auto-dialers to make this many calls per day. The company will load the autodialer with a list of delinquent customers' phone numbers.Once an individual answers the phone, the call is transferred to a live debt collector. When the current contact concludes, the next call in the queue will be forwarded to the same debt collector. This law permits them to spend their time collecting money rather than contacting and waiting for an answer. The problem with all of this is that it violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in many instances. It is illegal to use an autodialer to contact a debtor's cell phone or any other non-debtor phone number. Frequently, collection agencies will contact the debtor's acquaintances, family, and even place of employment. All of these violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.There is currently a high rate of credit card and loan default. All of these delinquencies end up on the desk of a debt collector, who employs various strategies to attempt to collect the debt. Telephone harassment is the most prevalent method used by debt collectors. Filing for bankruptcy will end these phone solicitations. Creditors who contact the debtor after a bankruptcy petition is filed will be in violation of the automatic stay. This is one of the primary reasons individuals declare bankruptcy. Creditors have become increasingly aggressive with all their phone contacts, often threatening debtors into paying them money that should be used to pay their rent. Debtors become so frustrated that they cease to answer the phone. Frequently, the tension of being unable to answer the phone or read your mail is overwhelming. Therefore, the power of filing for bankruptcy will relieve the debtor's stress, allowing them to return to a normal existence and answer the phone once more.For many consumers, being submerged under a mountain of debt can be overwhelming. The solution to this debt is enlightening. Consult a bankruptcy attorney to determine if there is a chapter that will help you get out of debt as soon as you begin receiving phone calls from creditors and feel as if there is no way out. Do not delay until it is too late and your creditors serve you with legal documents. Be proactive and aggressive in your approach to finances. From start to finish, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes only four to six months and often puts you on the path to becoming debt-free.
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