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Going Bankrupt? There is No End of the World

Going Bankrupt? There is No End of the World
"""Bankruptcy is a very frightening procedure, but you are not at the end of the road. Due to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada (BIA) and Alberta's own bankruptcy laws, you are truly being offered a new beginning. You now have the opportunity to alter your spending and borrowing habits and do everything correctly. For many things in life, this option is never available.

That is not to say that declaring bankruptcy is a simple process. Your credit rating drops to 0 once more, and you may be forced to give up some of your prized possessions, not to mention the legal labor involved. However, this should not prevent you from inquiring.

What bankruptcy may do:

You have the opportunity to begin anew, debt-free
Creditors and collectors will ignore you.
Your financial concerns will be alleviated.
As long as you can obtain or maintain employment, you will be able to regain your desired standard of living.

Perhaps you have already begun the bankruptcy process or you have become overburdened with debt and are evaluating your financial options. Before filing, consult with a licensed bankruptcy trustee in Alberta to discuss your options. They will teach you how to deal with creditors and set you on the path to financial liberation.

When all is said and done, you will no longer receive harassing phone calls from creditors and collection agencies, nor will you experience acute anxiety every time you open your mailbox because your bill stack will be substantially reduced.

You have the opportunity to rebuild your estate from scratch. This is a great time to educate yourself on finance, financing, and lending. Meet with financial advisers, acquaintances or family members who have experienced financial success, and read financial magazines and books in order to empower yourself and learn how to make intelligent financial decisions.

Be thankful that you reside in Alberta, which provides a home equity exemption allowance of $40,000 and a vehicle exemption allowance of $5,000. Additionally, retirement accounts will be preserved. Your insolvency is not a complete loss. You will still have access to life's necessities.

You may be surprised to discover that first-time filers can begin to rebuild their credit rating between 18 and 24 months after filing. If you have a stable income and no debt, lenders may view you as a low-risk borrower. You can even obtain a mortgage, albeit with higher interest rates.

This is not the time for humiliation or dread. Through bankruptcy, the dark cloud of debt is released from your shoulders. With time and financial education, you will return to constructing a normal, debt- and anxiety-free life. Make new, prudent financial resolutions and regain control of your life. Insolvency is certainly not the end of the world.""

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