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How to Locate a Skilled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

How to Locate a Skilled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer
"Clearly, there are too many laws to memorize, particularly when it comes to the complexities of bankruptcy filing. If you're uncertain about the bankruptcy eligibility requirements, costs, court procedures, what you'll lose and what you'll gain, you need a professional attorney to guide you through the process. This article focuses on Chapter 7 and how an attorney can assist you in filing. It also provides advice on how to hire an attorney.

Selecting from the Millions

There are quite a few bankruptcy specialists in the legal profession. You should base your decision on experience, cost, and available time. How do you appear in the beginning? Previously, it was the Yellow Pages, but now it's the Internet. The majority of law firms and individual attorneys have their own websites or blogs, and many of them post bankruptcy-related articles online. Obviously, there are options beyond searching online. You can rely on referrals from legal professionals. In some instances, you can also locate local offices near you.

Saving Cash

If you wish to employ an attorney, the word """"fees"""" may conjure up visions of unpaid bills. In reality, engaging an attorney is relatively inexpensive, particularly in Chapter 7 cases. Suppose you owe more than $50,000 in credit card or medical debt. Would you be willing to release this for fifty percent of the total? Or would a third be acceptable? Typically, you can retain an attorney for $1,000 to $2,500. And frequently, your debts are many times that amount. Clearly, employing a professional will save you money.

Saving Time

You can save time on your quest for an attorney by going online and contacting several. You may also make some phone inquiries. The process of hiring an attorney should not be hurried. Take your time, unless you fear legal consequences for delaying too long.


Hire on the basis of experience. Some attorneys may quote you a very low fee, but the vast majority of professionals charge a fixed fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Consider factors other than price, such as years of experience, successful cases, time availability, and references.


Yes, expense is a major factor. You are filing for bankruptcy because you are poor, not because you are wealthy. Again, be clear on what you stand to gain in terms of price and what you stand to lose if your application is denied. If you employ the first attorney you come across and they delay your case, it can be very costly. Price does not always correlate with greater experience. It varies from attorney to attorney, but the excellent ones are eager to assist.

7th Chapter

By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can save tens of thousands of dollars and alleviate your tension. A professional attorney can guide you through the entire process, including educating you on the procedure, representing you at both the Meeting of Creditors and the hearing, and assisting you in obtaining a financial fresh start.

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