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How to Prevent Credit Card Insolvency

How to Prevent Credit Card Insolvency
"""There was a time when it was difficult to obtain credit in this country. It was considered disgraceful to borrow money for any purpose, and to be ""in debt"" was scandalous. People SAVED to purchase items they desired or required, and they simply went without until they could afford them. What a change the circumstances have made!

Anybody can get a credit card. Apparently, you don't even need a social security number. To illustrate his point, a man in California responded to one of those """"pre-approved"""" email advertisements by applying for a credit card in his dog's name. Under """"age,"""" he entered """"3,"""" and for his SSN, he entered 000-00-0000. The card was given out.

It is incredibly simple for individuals to incur substantial credit card debt. Although using a credit card does not feel like borrowing money, that is precisely what you are doing. If you use it to pay for dinner and a movie, you have borrowed money to do so, and the bill is due at the end of the month. If you do not pay the balance in full, you will be charged interest on every item you have purchased. If the minimum payment is not made on time, penalties and additional fees will be assessed.

I realize I don't sound like a credit card enthusiast. I am not a fan, but in today's mobile environment, they are a necessary evil. It is nearly impossible to make online purchases without one. So, what is the solution? The solution is to obtain ONE credit card. At the conclusion of each month, pay the full card balance. Use them NOT for routine expenses. Do not use it to purchase supplies or the aforementioned dinner and movie.

Virtually all current bankruptcies are directly attributable to credit card abuse. That can be avoided.""

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