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How to Survive Your Initial Consultation When Filing for Bankruptcy

How to Survive Your Initial Consultation When Filing for Bankruptcy
"""Every day, thousands of individuals seek the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney to help them get out of debt and start over financially. As a consumer bankruptcy attorney in New York, I have conducted thousands of initial consultations with individuals seeking my assistance.Unfortunately, many individuals do not maximize their initial consultations. By simply adhering to these steps, the initial consultation can be fast, efficient, and painless.Survival Tips

Be Informed. Your attorney will request that you bring a number of documents with you. Do not ignore this list, and make every effort to bring as many of these documents as feasible. Your attorney will need them to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option for you and, if so, which form of bankruptcy is best.

Employ Search Engines. Even before entering the attorney's office, you already know his or her name. Spend as much time as possible using search engines to learn as much as possible about this individual. Are they seasoned? Do forum sites contain negative comments about them? Do they have negative ratings on sites like Yelp and Avvo? One negative review does not necessarily indicate that you are dealing with a poor attorney, but if they are all negative, it is likely that you are.

Talk A Lot. People are typically so nervous in front of the attorney that they forget to mention essential details, such as the house your parents put your name on, the bank account you have for your child, etc. When you begin to speak, you are more likely to reveal information that could later affect your case.

Listen Intently. Your attorney may begin speaking legal jargon that you do not comprehend. When you pay close attention to what he or she says, you are more likely to either comprehend the information or conclude that it is beyond your comprehension.

Ask Questions. There is a high chance that you have never done this before. It is acceptable to pose questions to clarify matters.

Take Notes. It is permissible to take notes in class. In the midst of a consultation, there is so much information being presented that taking notes is essential. Without adequate notes, you will likely forget much of what was said and explained.

Be Comfortable. The attorney will be responsible for ensuring that you receive the relief you need and deserve. If you are not completely at ease with his or her demeanor, communication style, or anything else, you should exit the room immediately. This decision is too essential to entrust to someone who gives you the creeps.""

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