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How to Use the Bankruptcy Threat to Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Legal Debt Relief Counsel

How to Use the Bankruptcy Threat to Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Legal Debt Relief Counsel
"Bankruptcy is a method to eliminate debt without having to pay it back. Obviously, many individuals would find this solution to be very appealing, but the reality is that bankruptcy is not very effective. When declaring bankruptcy, you may be required to sell your possessions to pay off your debt, which is difficult for everyone. Why sell your assets when you can resolve and pay less than you own without the stress of daily calls from courts, attorneys, and collection agencies? You can elect to negotiate your debt and have a debt settlement company use their expertise to negotiate a substantial reduction in what you owe.You will still be required to pay the remaining balance, but it will be significantly less than the original amount and will not accrue monthly interest charges due to your late payment. If you tell your creditors that you have no money left and cannot pay what they are requesting, they will accept your offer without a doubt, particularly if you tell them that if they do not accept, you will choose the other option for debt clearance, which is bankruptcy.You might ponder why on earth your creditors would fear bankruptcy. Let me explain why: if you declare insolvency, your creditors will receive no payment. True, they receive nothing, and they can't afford it, especially in the present day when many people can't afford to pay them and there are already numerous bankruptcy proceedings against many credit card companies; if all of their customers declare bankruptcy, they will have to do the same. Recognize the irony? They cannot afford to do so because doing so would result in the loss of their business, which profits from loan-paying customers. Therefore, bankruptcy is difficult for them to take, and they will accept your debt settlement program without hesitation.So this is how you use the prospect of bankruptcy to get your creditors to reduce your credit card debt by half or more. So why not take advantage of this fantastic offer?
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