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Is Bankruptcy the Solution for You?

Is Bankruptcy the Solution for You?
"""Even though you have done everything possible to secure a prosperous financial future, it may feel as though you are taking one stride forward and two steps back. Facing the possibility of economic ruin, it may be useful to understand what insolvency is and what it is not.

If you reside in the Richmond, Virginia area and are struggling with financial disaster, there are a number of factors to consider when scheduling an appointment with a Richmond bankruptcy attorney. When experiencing financial duress, you may feel quite alone in your struggle. It is comforting to learn that you are not alone and that others may have similar experiences.

Consider Mary as an illustration. Mary struggled throughout secondary school and barely graduated before becoming pregnant with her first child. Mary was married to her spouse for three years before he abandoned her with their children and very little money.

Mary's child support payments did not go very far, and her high school education did not assist her advance in the job market. With no health insurance and a minimum wage job, Mary's financial situation was rapidly deteriorating. She decided to begin using credit cards to pay off her obligations because she was unsure of the most effective method.

The minimum payments on her credit cards initially appear manageable and provide her with a solid transient solution; however, this solution was only temporary. Within a couple of years, the debts on her credit cards were maxed out, and she ran out of options and became unable to make the minimum payments.

She was contemplating bankruptcy for the first time. Perhaps you have had experiences comparable to Mary's and are also seeking assistance. Here are several essential details:

What is bankruptcy's purpose? - Filing for bankruptcy may eliminate your debts, allowing you to start over. Depending on the form of bankruptcy you file, you may be able to eliminate the majority of your debts or simply restructure the debts under court supervision and gain breathing room to pay.

What filing options do I have? - There are typically two (though some consider there to be three) primary bankruptcy options: chapter 7 and chapter 13. Chapter 7 will discharge the majority of your debts, whereas Chapter 13 will reorganize your debts.

When contemplating bankruptcy, it is useful to know that while your debts may become more manageable, your credit score will be significantly impacted. If you intend to obtain a loan within the next ten years, you may be disappointed. This filing will remain on your credit report for ten years and will be readily visible.

If you live in the Richmond, Virginia area and are seeking a competent Richmond bankruptcy attorney, start your search online immediately. A competent attorney will guide you through the procedure, explain your options, and address any additional questions you may have.""

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