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Life After Bankruptcy - Prevention of Identity Theft

Life After Bankruptcy - Prevention of Identity Theft
"""Life following bankruptcy has never been simple. In addition to other undesirable outcomes, a new type of threat known as ""identity theft"" may target you after you have been declared insolvent. You may be solicited for various forms of credit and engage in various credit-related transactions, such as applying for new credit or purchasing new assets on installment. Such instances are a strong indicator that your identity is being stolen.

Exactly What Is This Scam?

Identity theft is a new form of consumer fraud in which a third party steals your personal information for unlawful use. They typically target individuals who have been declared insolvent by the bankruptcy court. The most common method for stealing a person's identity is to obtain his or her vital personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card information, date of birth, and social security number. The identity criminals may use your information to obtain credit cards, bank accounts, state identification cards, and even driver's licenses in your name, but only to further their own malicious goals. These criminals have also been observed purchasing houses and vehicles fraudulently. Furthermore, they can even marry under your name. Consequently, if you have not taken adequate precautions, identity theft can make life after bankruptcy extremely challenging.

You Are The Easy Prey

If you have filed and been granted a bankruptcy petition, you may be an easy target for identity fraudsters. Not that stealing your personal information is simple, though it is easier than it was before you declared bankruptcy, but the primary reason they target people like you is because you likely lack the resources to fight back. They attempt to take advantage of your unfortunate circumstances. Extra caution is the only means of preventing such awful events from occurring. Prevention is essential. Always remember that it will take years to repair the problem once it occurs.

What Can The Victims Do?

The bankruptcy laws do not provide any assistance in this regard. However, there are still measures you can take to safeguard yourself.

You can register a police report regarding the crime. Do not neglect to retain a copy for your own records. You may need it in the future. This report will assist you in convincing the creditors that it was not you.

Also recommended is filing a complaint with the FTC. FTC is the acronym for the Federal Trade Commission, which is a government agency created specifically to investigate cases of identity theft.

If you keep your eyes open and take the appropriate action at the right time, life after bankruptcy can be less difficult.

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