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Methods for Selecting a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Methods for Selecting a Bankruptcy Lawyer
"Nobody anticipates the possibility of having to file for bankruptcy, but if you find yourself in that circumstance, you need to know how to choose a competent bankruptcy attorney so that you don't lose more than the bankruptcy will cost you. One of the primary reasons for this recommendation is that the bankruptcy laws have recently changed, and the filing methods that were legitimate only a few years ago are no longer valid. In fact, bankruptcy requires approval, meaning that you may not even be eligible to submit.

All of this means that filing for bankruptcy is no longer a do-it-yourself process. Prior to the changes in the law, you were able to handle everything on your own, but now, a single mistake in the mountain of paperwork that must be submitted can force you to start the entire process from the beginning. Even with a lawyer, the entire process can still take months to complete, and you likely do not have additional months to wait for this to be completed.

Presumably, you have thoroughly researched your bankruptcy alternatives prior to initiating the process. One of the long-term negative effects of bankruptcy is a significant blemish on your credit reports for the next seven to ten years. But assuming that these alternatives do not apply to you for whatever reason, let's examine the steps you should take when searching for a bankruptcy attorney to represent you:

* Meet with the attorney and ensure that you feel at ease with him or her. You must have faith that this person will represent you effectively and has your best interests in mind. They should be willing to explain the procedures and walk you through the process so you know what to expect.

They should be able to provide you with a list of the various fees they will assess, as well as a detailed explanation of what each fee covers. Make sure you understand the expenses!

* During your conversation with them, determine if there are actions you can take to reduce or eradicate some of the fees they would assess. For instance, if you can do much of the traveling around to collect forms and data, make phone calls to obtain necessary figures, and so on, you can save a significant amount of money. Remember that the lawyer will charge you for any time spent working on your case, so if you can eradicate time that does not require legal expertise, you will save money.

* Don't be afraid to solicit recommendations from others. Anyone can pay for an enticing ad in your city's yellow pages, so ideally you want someone who arrives with a recommendation from a previous customer.

* Ensure that the attorney is well-versed in bankruptcy law, particularly the state-specific variations of that law. Do not be afraid to inquire about the number of bankruptcy cases the firm has handled in the past, as well as in recent years since the passage of new legislation.

Note that you want an experienced attorney with additional credentials beyond a law degree to represent you. You want someone who will effectively represent you, which is only possible if they are willing to take the time to comprehend your unique situation. Yes, a bankruptcy attorney will cost you money, but the likelihood is extremely high that the money you save by using a qualified attorney will be more than offset by the money you save throughout the process.

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