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Obama Compelled to Keep Secrets Regarding Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Bailouts from the Public.

Obama Compelled to Keep Secrets Regarding Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Bailouts from the Public.
"""President Obama has his hands full with wars, oil spills, and other high-priority issues; bankruptcy and credit card debt bailouts are not among his top priorities."" Even if he could use two minutes of a news conference to declare that bankruptcy is no longer an issue for any American and that credit card subsidies are available to all, he would almost certainly be impeached within months!

While the president looks to the Federal Reserve to manage $3 trillion in government expenses, he must keep his mouth shut about bankruptcy and credit card bailout news releases because some sacrifices must be made to the government's financial gods. If you have difficulty believing this, search for ""banks feasting on bankrupt customers"" to find evidence.

Another necessary evil with which the president must contend is the suppression of the credit card rescue law for everyone on the basis of the same principles. Consider this for just a moment. How long do you believe banking institutions would allow the president to remain in office if he were to disclose information that would allow anyone to avoid bankruptcy and credit card debt?

Many years ago, plans were made to lure as many people as possible into the credit card snare so that citizens would continue to support large financial institutions by sending them a substantial portion of their hard-earned cash. There is in fact another financial White House, and you can see it with your own eyes by searching for ""Frontline -- the credit card game.""

The excessively selfish banking scheme became public knowledge when the housing bubble burst, at which point the banking system demanded even more money and the government was compelled to bail it out. You may recall the large incentives awarded to top financial executives for their money-shifting achievements.

This author, who has neither political ambitions nor a fear of large financial institutions, is about to disclose the secrets the president cannot reveal so that you can avoid bankruptcy and obtain a personal credit card bailout. Please feel free to shove your """"bailout bonus"""" in the faces of those high-flying, corrupt executives, as """"revenge is a dish best served cold"""" applies.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1966 facilitates the handling of bankruptcy, credit cards, foreclosures, repossessions, and other unsecured debts. Very few individuals are aware of the strength of this ""pre-credit card era"" federal law. With the advent of the digital age, this law can now be viewed as a caricature by searching for ""FTC debt video.""

Not only are individuals using the FTC law to legally defeat credit card companies and debt collectors, but some are also profiting from it. You can learn more about this by conducting a search for """"man wins $1.5 million in debt collector lawsuit"""" if you wish to improve your financial situation. On the institutions, the old adage ""turnabout is fair play"" has been inverted.

You now understand why the president must conceal information about bankruptcy and credit card debt bailouts in order to keep the big financiers satisfied and avoid impeachment. On the contrary, you cannot be impeached. Enjoy your existence and have fun!""

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