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Paying Bills When You File for Bankruptcy

Paying Bills When You File for Bankruptcy
"""When you file for bankruptcy, it will be difficult to meet all of your financial obligations, so be sure to put your remaining funds to good use. Use the money only to avoid the most severe problems; the remainder can likely be ignored once you have filed for bankruptcy. Here are a number of important factors to consider, enumerated in order of importance:

Paying your mortgage or rent. This should be your number one priority if you intend to have a place to reside. Defaulting on a mortgage will likely result in eviction and homelessness.

Utility bill payment should come second. Even if you are bankrupt, you can still live a respectable existence.

A vehicle if it is essential. If your job requires a vehicle, then you must have one. Do not abandon your mode of conveyance if it will lead to more difficulty.

To pay fines. If you want to avoid jail, you should pay the fines that could send you there.

Child support and spousal support. Make sure you understand the repercussions of not paying child support.

Most judges have zero tolerance for parents who neglect their children, so if you stop making payments, you will likely end up in jail.

Income taxation. It is never a good notion to mess with the IRS, so pay your taxes.

Student obligations. If you have such loans, it is prudent to repay them, as you do not want the balance to grow over time.

In conclusion, when deciding which bills and debts to pay before declaring bankruptcy, choose cautiously. You should prioritize the most vital and disregard those that will be eliminated anyway.""

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