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Should You Declare Bankruptcy Immediately, Or Do You Have Alternatives?

Should You Declare Bankruptcy Immediately, Or Do You Have Alternatives?
"""When is it appropriate to file for bankruptcy? Numerous studies indicate that the time to seriously contemplate declaring bankruptcy is well in advance of when the majority of people actually do so. Since bankruptcy should only be considered as a last resort, why do so many people cast in the towel on their finances prematurely?

There may be numerous causes for this. The first is the psychological effect of feeling like a failure. However, you must examine this aspect from multiple angles, none of which would indicate that you are a failure. Studies of bankruptcy cases conducted over the past decade have revealed that the overwhelming majority of individuals who declare bankruptcy do so not due to their own financial mismanagement, but rather as a result of being victims of circumstance. A major financial catastrophe, such as an expected job loss or layoff, unexpectedly high medical bills, a messy divorce, or any number of other occurrences may have brought you to this state, none of which indicate any type of financial mismanagement on your part.

Or perhaps financial mismanagement has brought you to the point where you are contemplating bankruptcy. Does this imply that you're a failure? No, unless you learned nothing about what not to do in the future. If it was a valuable learning experience and you will avoid making the same errors again, it cannot be considered a failure.

The majority of individuals toss in the towel before thoroughly investigating all of their bankruptcy alternatives and options. The stress that results from knowing that bills are due, bills are overdue, and that you detest answering the phone because you don't know if it's your sister or yet another creditor hounding you about a past due payment is a significant factor. All of this causes tension, and people want to move on with their lives.

In spite of this, filing for bankruptcy is likely the last thing you want to do unless you are in dire straits, and most people have not sufficiently considered their alternatives. The alternative to bankruptcy that is most frequently disregarded is debt consolidation service. This is NOT another loan, which is precisely what you DO NOT need at this time. Rather, debt consolidation is a service that will assume responsibility for your debts, negotiate with your creditors, and in almost all instances, significantly reduce the amount of money you pay each month to your creditors. For instance, if you are currently spending $4,000 per month on expenses, after debt consolidation you could be paying less than $2,000 per month. Would an additional $2,000 per month give you the financial breathing room you need to avoid filing for bankruptcy? In many instances, the answer to this query is an emphatic affirmative.

You must have a thorough understanding of your current financial situation in order to make an informed decision regarding bankruptcy and determine whether it is the best course of action. Due to recent changes in bankruptcy law, this procedure is no longer as straightforward as it once was. Although you likely do not want to spend money on a bankruptcy attorney, you should consider that it may be the smartest money you've spent all year, as a qualified bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your financial situation and offer advice and direction regarding what options you should consider, or if bankruptcy is truly your best option, how to go about the process. By obtaining this sensible legal advice and direction, you will almost certainly save more than the bankruptcy lawyer's fees.

A bankruptcy evaluation is a good starting point for determining your current situation and available options. Our website offers a free bankruptcy evaluation to help you through this very emotional and frustrating process, and it's a wonderful way to get your head around what your best options are.""

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