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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Can Be Complicated, However, It Is Still Doable With Assistance

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Can Be Complicated, However, It Is Still Doable With Assistance
"In the United States, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is initiated by filing a petition with the federal bankruptcy court. The individual who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as the debtor. The debtor must disclose all of his or her assets and liabilities to the court and turn over all nonexempt assets to the bankruptcy trustee, who converts them into cash for distribution to the creditors. The debtor is then released from all dischargeable debts. This procedure, which varies from state to state, typically takes between three and six months to complete. You can rest assured that you will be debt-free and receiving a second opportunity once the process is complete.If you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, there are a number of informative websites that you should visit. The finest websites are devoted to providing you with all the information you could possibly need and want about bankruptcy. Remember that the more knowledgeable you are about a topic such as this, the better off you will be, so you should read as many as possible in order to obtain the widest spectrum of information. Additionally, you can consult with your personal accountant for assistance in making a decision, as they will be familiar with your current financial situation. If you own a business, you should ensure that your finances are in order before concluding that the only way out of your financial situation is to file for bankruptcy. There are undoubtedly disadvantages to declaring bankruptcy, so you should avoid it if possible. Consult a local bankruptcy attorney if you determine this is the best course of action. The majority of attorneys offer complimentary consultations to aid in decision-making. Always consult consumer groups such as the Better Business Bureau for references.You will be required to submit numerous bankruptcy forms to the bankruptcy court when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, detailing your personal and real property, income and expenses, debts, and property transactions. The bankruptcy court will appoint a person known as the ""Trustee"" to supervise your case. Approximately 30 days after filing for bankruptcy, you will attend the ""Meeting of Creditors"" or the 341 meeting, where the trustee will review your personal bankruptcy case, verify your identity, and ask you a few basic questions. Despite the nomenclature of the meeting, creditors rarely attend unless fraud is involved. Typically, this meeting lasts only a few minutes. A few months later, you should receive notification from the court that all dischargeable debts have been discharged.In accordance with the federal Bankruptcy Law, a discharge absolves the debtor of personal liability for certain specified categories of debts. In other terms, you are no longer responsible for paying discharged debts. The discharge serves as a permanent order directing your creditors to refrain from taking any form of debt collection action, including legal action and communications with you such as phone calls, letters, and personal contacts. Although a debtor is relieved of personal liability for all discharged debts, a valid lien that was not eliminated by the bankruptcy case will remain after the bankruptcy case has been finalized. Therefore, a secured creditor may enforce the lien in order to recover the collateral. In other words, if your vehicle is still under financing, the lender can repossess it, but in most cases they will not if you work out an arrangement with them by reaffirming the debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate all unsecured credit card debt, medical expenses, and unsecured loan balances. This will provide you with the necessary respite and the opportunity to start over.
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