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The Next Depression

The Next Depression
"""Many economists, investors, and entrepreneurs have been predicting for many years that a new depression is about to become the new great depression for a variety of reasons, but I believe that this has been primarily caused by the irrational growth of fiat currency as the easy way that most governments have responded to the crisis.

In addition, an increasing number of ordinary people believe that those who are unprepared or oblivious of the warnings and do not take action will be wiped out.

Let's begin by defining economic recession. A recession is a period in which the gross domestic product or GDP falls for two or more consecutive quarters. And if a severe and protracted recession persists, it could lead to an economic depression, which is a consistent decline of the GDP of more than 10 percent.

Since 1971, the total amount of credit in the United States has increased by a factor of 50, from $1 trillion to $50 trillion. The explosion of this credit system has brought extraordinary global prosperity, but it has reached its limit, and no additional credit will be available. This situation has created a new threat to the global economy by rendering countries and the world's population unable to repay their debts, and the current credit-based economic system will result in an economic depression because neither the public nor private sector can sustain additional debt.

After the Bretton Woods System collapsed in 1971, when the United States stopped backing dollars with gold, and the nature of money system changed, a gradual and global economic crisis ensued. This was accompanied by the emergence of a new economic system that superseded capitalism and spawned a """"New Credit System"""" that grew too large to exist. Now, the global economy has begun to contract significantly and persistently, particularly in Europe (Greece and Spain), and it will transition from a global recession to a depression or the next new great depression, which will have catastrophic economic, social, and geopolitical repercussions, although this is not inevitable.

Currently, Europe is experiencing a gradual financial crisis, but in the coming years we will witness enormous social and economic shifts, greater than anything we've ever witnessed and far greater than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Why? Because the majority of nations continue printing excessively more fiat currency to pay off their debts and obligations.

Over the past decade, the majority of world leaders have continued to issue limitless amounts of cheap money (fiat money), creating deceptive expectations, promoting speculation, and, ultimately, false hopes for the future. Even after worldwide national elections in 2012, the current and new government leaders will reintroduce numerous takeover schemes and create """"stimulus packages and bailouts"""" to recover the global economy, which is currently gravely unwell and has a dismal prognosis. This plan will increase global inflation, the symptom of which is an increase in prices.

This new Great Depression will not only affect the entire human population, but it will also strike very hard those who are unaware, unprepared, or expecting the government to solve their problems.

You are not required to accept what I say, but it would be wise to conduct your own investigation. The worst thing you can do is to disregard this imperative warning and continue living as if nothing has occurred, nothing is wrong, and everything is fine. Let me tell you something: """"DO NOT IGNORE IT FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME; ACT"""" This will occur regardless of whether or not people believe it.

In the interim, I am permitted to mention the following suggestions:

Buy precious metals. There are strategies and a proper method to do it correctly even with a small amount of capital. There is still time before it reaches its peak imminently.

Avoid or liquidate your investments in stocks, mutual funds, and retirement accounts. You may wish to use the capital gains to purchase undervalued assets or intelligent investments, as do the ultra-wealthy.

Create Smart Debt. Regarding debt elimination, inventiveness is also a viable option. Even if you do not have a fantastic financial option, seek advice from those who do and get rid of those conventional experts who tell you to """"invest in mutual funds and diversify your portfolio"""".

Obtain advice from Successful individuals. Follow what wealthy and successful people do by modeling and imitating their strategies, regardless of whether the situation is favorable or dire.

Always obtain additional Financial Education. Investigate which investment offers a high Return On Investment (ROI) by reading, conducting research, and becoming a member of reputable online communities. Adopt a student-centered approach to lifelong financial education and take action.

Target an excellent network marketing firm. Try to become involved in one at an early juncture, and find a fantastic coach and mentor. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with hard work, you will be able to generate a good residual income. This is a vastly superior alternative to obtaining a regular job.

Start a business online based on the demand. Identify a lucrative Internet niche, become an affiliate marketer, and collaborate with various network affiliates. This option just requires just a little capital.

Learn About Survival Techniques. This goes beyond merely acquiring self-defense equipment and firearms.

Purchase and store Food and Water for at least six months. This is not an Armageddon mindset, but it is preferable to """"Be ready and primed for the worst"""". I mean """"Learn how to be prepared for the unexpected"""" and """"Acquire the skills necessary to endure daily with minimal supplies."" When the next Great Depression follows the collapse of the U.S. dollar, all products will become ten to twenty times as expensive as they are now. It is necessary to consider acquiring skills rather than simply storing items.

As you can see, the purpose of this article is to demonstrate that all problems are opportunities for progress. According to Napoleon Hill, every adversity, failure, and sorrow contains the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Therefore, if you believe that you can either """"create vast wealth or nothing can be done"""" you will accomplish your goal. I believe that this is an inevitable challenge, and it is up to you whether you perform well, very well, or poorly.

If you fail to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this new economic problem, the economic and geopolitical consequences will be catastrophic.""

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