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The Rule Of Tryanny

The Rule Of Tryanny
"""The silent murderer of our lifestyle is already at our doorstep. Dare we submit to the impending disaster, or do we awaken and implement reforms that will eternally vanquish the evil of debt that is about to seize a nation that is already under siege? The United States government has been deceiving the public for a number of years, similar to what Trump did this past year. Unbeknownst to the general public and many members of Congress, a financial and economic calamity is currently unfolding beneath our feet.

Even though the American public has been kept in the shadows for far too long, we must acknowledge that the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 effectively dissolved the United States government. During the height of the Great Depression, this act was passed in order to keep the government operational. Since then, the United States government has been destitute and continues to be insolvent. Congress voted to suspend the gold standard and eliminate the gold clause in June of the same year. This effectively dissolved the United States' sovereign authority and all other official capacities of our government. In reality, the United States Government presently exists only in name.

To completely comprehend the extent of tyrannical rule, we must first comprehend the financial landscape that has permeated the structure of our society. President Roosevelt and Congress suspended the gold standard in order to prevent gold and silver accumulation. Since our nation's foundation, only gold and silver have been used as money in the United States. However, because gold and silver were cumbersome and inconvenient for many transactions, they were held in banks and claim checks were issued as a substitute for currency. Then, claim cheques were used as currency. We must keep in mind that currency is not money, but a substitute for money. Prior to 1933, redeemable currency was always supported by a dollar's worth of gold or silver. Federal Reserve Notes make no such guarantees, so the paper in our possession is not money. Federal Reserve Notes are United States government debt obligations. The Constitution has never granted the United States government or Congress the authority to issue currency. The current financial system is therefore deceptive. A system whose sole purpose is to create debt.

To elucidate this further, it is crucial to distinguish between real money and paper money substitutes. It is a fallacy to believe that one can become wealthier by accumulating money substitutes. One can only get deeper in debt. Citizens of the United States no longer carry cash in their purses. Likewise, our paychecks are merely paper substitutes for the actual currency. This is the primary reason why we feel and in many cases actually are bankrupt, just as the United States is today.

In essence, Federal Reserve notes are unsigned payments written on closed accounts. Federal Reserve Notes are a paper-based inflationary debt creation system. All inflation is simply a currency devaluation. Inflation is inevitable whenever there is an increase in the supply of money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing it. Think back to 2008 and 2009 when the Federal Reserve issued billions of Federal Reserve Notes through quantitative easing. These notes were then redistributed to the financial institutions responsible for one of the most catastrophic financial crises in recent memory. The only result was increased debt.

We must recognize that inflation is in fact an additional form of taxation that governments impose on their citizens. In reality, our government has been irresponsible for a very long time. Since 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank has deceived U.S. citizens into believing we are being paid and using real money, when in reality we have been going insolvent. Federal Reserve Notes are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities that serve as a commitment to repay the Federal Reserve Bank's debt.

We must also recognize the fundamental distinction between paying and discharging a debt. To settle a debt, we must pay with gold, silver, or another commodity. Federal Reserve Notes can only be used to discharge debt. We cannot repay a debt using a debt-based monetary system. We cannot service a debt with currency that has no value or substance supporting it. Ultimately, unpayable debt transfers power and authority to the established power structure. Which are, by the way, the richest 1%. As we can see today, the financial world's existing power structure, particularly the Federal Reserve, is the entity that truly governs the destiny and fate of this nation. People frequently neglect the fact that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was enacted and passed without being authorized by the provisions of the United States Constitution.

When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, a sovereign private entity distinct from the United States government was created on purpose. What so many of us fail to realize is that since the United States abandoned the gold standard, we have been incurring more debt while international financiers, the true power brokers behind governments, have entrenched themselves in every aspect of our society. Prior to 1913, the majority of Americans possessed their own homes and property. With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, everything changed. Little did the unsuspecting public realize that our residences and property, which we believed to be ours, became hypothecated assets. This means that the borrower pledges the desired property or asset as collateral for the loan. Nonetheless, the proprietor retains nominal ownership of the property.

What the Federal Reserve Act also implies is that a debtor's assets, such as a homeowner's property, may be pledged as collateral by the Federal Reserve. This means that since 1913, the Federal Reserve has been the legal owner of all property within the United States. In 1933, the United States pledged to the Federal Reserve all present and future properties, assets, and, believe it or not, the labor of our citizens. The Federal Reserve continues to provide the government with all the credit """"money substitute"""" it requires. As a condition of a loan, the government has essentially pledged collateral and security to the Federal Reserve. Since the government has no assets, the private property of United States citizens was pledged as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. Additionally, the government has pledged unincorporated federal territories, national parks, birth certificates [think Strawman accounts], and nonprofit organizations as collateral against the federal debt.

As a consequence, America has reverted to medieval times in which all land is held by a sovereign, The Federal Reserve, and we the people have no real rights to hold title to what we believed to be our property. This has been occurring without the knowledge of the American public for close to a century. Over 90% of Americans have little or no actual assets, but none of our elected officials are the least bit concerned about this issue. And, why is it not only the impression that we are working harder and longer while receiving less and less in return?

Until we address what the Federal Reserve is actually doing to the United States, this nation, our way of life, and our liberties will eternally be flushed into the abyss of massive debt, which is sapping the nation's vitality. In the meantime, a select few are amassing enormous fortunes at the expense of the average American citizen. Therefore, it is imperative that we implement a complete reform of our financial system and governance. The Ten Articles of Confederation of National Economic Reform are the road map to financial stability and renewed prosperity for all Americans. If we continue to procrastinate, our children and grandchildren will inherit an unpayable debt. A nation still comprised of renters and sharecroppers as opposed to genuine land and property proprietors. If we fail to see the light of reform, tyranny will continue to reign over an oppressed people.

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