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Top 8 Disadvantages of Filing Bankruptcy

Top 8 Disadvantages of Filing Bankruptcy
"""While filing for bankruptcy may appear to be a panacea for your financial difficulties, you must be aware of the numerous negative consequences.

1. loss of property

Depending on the value of your residence and your location, it is possible, but unlikely, that you will lose it if you file for bankruptcy. In the majority of instances, debtors will not be required to surrender any of their possessions.

Insolvency is a matter of public record.

Now that more information is maintained online, your nosy neighbor can easily determine whether you have ever filed for bankruptcy.

3. Bankruptcy has a negative impact on your credit score.

You may have reached a point where this fact no longer interests you. Surprisingly, even with a bankruptcy on your credit report, your chances of obtaining credit are actually quite excellent. In some instances, with a little effort on your part, you can promptly reestablish credit. Historically, a number of credit card companies have spent a great deal of money on marketing to those who have recently declared bankruptcy. They believe that once your debts are eliminated, you will be capable of making monthly payments again. In light of this, do not listen to bill collectors who claim you will be condemned for life if you declare bankruptcy.

4. Friends and family may be required to return money or property.

During the past year, if you repaid loans to friends with cash or goods, they may be required to repay your bankruptcy trustee for the money they received or the value of the goods they received. Obviously, you can avoid this unpleasant situation by filing at the appropriate time.

Insolvency can strain relationships with loved ones, particularly those from a distinct era.

There may still be a stigma associated with declaring bankruptcy.

This is notably true in small towns, whereas it is significantly less of a problem in large cities. In larger cities, newspapers rarely publish the names of both individuals and businesses. The advent of the Internet, however, has rendered this argument irrelevant.

7. Bankruptcy can result in a variety of complications if you transferred assets to avoid creditors or your bankruptcy trustee.

8. You may experience discrimination at the hands of certain individuals.

Although employers and government agencies are prohibited from discriminating against claimants, many continue to do so. Even if you are the most qualified, it may be more difficult to obtain promotions, and prospective employers may avoid you.

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