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MX3 (Mangosteen Content): Effective in Treating My Dog's Illness

I'm astonished how a unique food supplement healed an animal, a man's bestfriend which is a dog. Want to know the supplement I used and how my dog cured? Here's my story.
I have a female dog named "JK", a small, color brown and hairy dog. I don't know the exact breed of this dog. But if you're a dog lover, I think you know the breed of this dog. Here are some of the pictures of my pet, "JK".


Dog Sitting in a Chair
JK sitting in a chair

Dog while Sleeping
3-month old JK liked to sleep like this in cage

One day, to my surprise, I saw JK walking like a drunk. She couldn't walk straight. And I immediately thought that JK was in a bad condition. She was ill. I didn't know the reason why she was ill. I've heard from our neighbors that dog distemper was widespread during that season. As I've research in the internet, distemper is caused by the paramyxovirus.

While watching my dog ill, I didn't know exactly what should I do or what medicine to be used.

I was taking MX3 Food Supplement during that time. MX3 is brand of food supplement containing powdered Mangosteen shell manufactured in capsules. 

MX3 Food Supplement Mangosteen
This is my MX3 Food Supplement

This food supplement is known to our country (Philippines) to be very effective in curing diseases. It is known to have antiviral and anticancer properties. So, the first thing that came into my mind was to give my dog with MX3 capsule.

So, I was not hesitant to give her with MX3. I give her two (2) capsules by just putting 1 capsule in her mouth and let it swallowed and then 1 capsule again. The next day in the morning before meal, I also give her two capsules of MX3.

In the afternoon, I observed that my dog is getting well. JK could now walked straight. Everytime she saw me, she wiggled her tail and opened her mouth and I saw in her eyes the hope of getting healthy very soon.

So, I was amazed by the potential that MX3 has to animals such as a dog. That augments my confidence I have with MX3 to heal sickness.

Today, I'm using and taking MX3 not only for my personal use but also for my four dogs. So we stay healthy and happy together with MX3 right now!

How about you? Do you have any good or bad experience with MX3 Food Supplement? Share to us in the comment below.
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Bim's mom [Entry]

Sa furbaby ko hinahalo ko sa pagkain niya ang mx3. Nilukutuan ko siya ng pagkain atay, maulungay, kalabasa at isasama ko ang pedergree niya. Pag warm na bubuksan ko na mx3 Capsule at ihahalo ko na. Gustong gusto niya ito at makikita mo malakas siya. Ngayon ay 10yrs old na sha..
Dodo [Entry]

thanks for article..
Apple [Entry]

Hello po, curious ako dito sa article. Since MX3 can decrease the size of human tumor, can it also be for dogs? And how to make them take the capsule? can we dilute it instead?
Guest [Entry]

Apple, you can put the capsule directly to the mouth of the dog. Hold the dog's head pointing the mouth upward. Use both your two hands to hold the dog's head and the dog will swallow the capsule without chewing.