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How to Inquire Account Balance (PLDT Bill) in PLDT Landline/Internet?

This procedure is important specially if PLDT missed or never sent you a paper bill or online bill (email). Another way of inquiring the account balance (PLDT bill) of your PLDT landline or DSL (internet) is by phone. You can call PLDT through its hotline number (171) and be able to know your current or latest outstanding balance. Here's the procedure below on how to inquire your PLDT balance through phone:

Inquire account balance of PLDT Bill
Before calling the hotline number, you have to prepare or write down the following:
  • Your PLDT landline number
  • Your PLDT account number

Step 1

Using a PLDT landline, call 171. An automated response will answer your call:
"Thank you for calling PLDT. For new applications or to follow-up on your application, press 1. For billing concerns, press 2. For repair and technical assistance press 3. For product and service information, after-sales requests and other inquiries, press 4."
Step 2
Press 2 to access billing concerns. 
Step 3
A voice prompt will answer, "Please enter your area code and telephone number".
Step 4
Then, Press 1. An automated voice will reply:
"If correct press 1. If incorrect, press 2."
Step 5
Press 1 again. An automated voice will reply:
"To know your outstanding balance and last payment made, press 1. To report your latest payment or inquire about  other billing concerns., press 2..."
Step 6

A voice prompt will respond, "Press enter your 10-digit account number followed by the number sign (#)". The voice prompt will verify your response (your 10-digit account number). After validating your account number, the voice prompt will tell you your current/latest balance that you need to pay.



Do you have any other concern with your PLDT bill or account balance?

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pascual sullano   (11 November 2017 12:28 PM)
i want a copy of my september bill

mylene tanghal   (10 February 2017 6:59 AM)
I want to verify my account number on pldt 0231479783

marie fe posadas   (27 November 2016 6:45 PM)
please send me pldt bill

Rhodora mante   (13 September 2016 5:04 PM)
Can i see my september bill

jonathan caliwara naingue   (27 August 2016 9:15 AM)
can i see my july bill

Teresita Onza Manat   (14 August 2016 6:29 AM)
Hello good morning.. I would like to know about my bills.

Cornelio Juaneza   (02 August 2016 8:28 PM)
Request for our billing

APRIL   (27 November 2015 12:53 PM)

Errol   (25 November 2015 7:30 AM)
Hi can you send me in my email just stated for my bill this end of the month ? Thank you

Julie Bayot   (15 September 2015 0:27 AM)
hi,i would like you to help me access on using the consumer bills inquiry... can you help me how?
The connection is also under my name.Thank you

ailene lufamia   (21 August 2015 11:04 AM)
For september bill please send me at my yahoo mail