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How to Pasaload in Smart

One of the biggest telco provider in the Philippines, SMART is the first one who provides "pasaload" service in the world. "Pasaload" is a Tagalog version of "load transfer".
You can pasaload as low as 2 pesos from your account balance to your friends or family. To transfer a load or pasaload is so easy. This is the procedure on how to pasaload in SMART or Talk N Text:

Type <recipient's cellphone number> <amount> and send to 808

Example: 09187564331 <amount> send to 808

You can pasaload with the following denominations.

DenominationsProcedureValidity PeriodAirtime Received
P2Type <cellphone number> <amount> send to 808


To load 2 pesos to other cellphone or SMART account: 09187564331 2

To load 10 pesos: 09187564331 10

To load 100 pesos: 09187564331 100
3 days2
P1515 days15
P6030 days60
P20060 days100

DenominationsProcedureValidity PeriodAirtime ReceivedTexts Received
Lahat Text P35 (Smart Prepaid recipients only)To send Pasaload Lahat Text 35, type <cellphone number> <space> <LT35> and send to 808

Ex.: 09187564331 LT35
1 day1100 text to all networks
Lahat Text P20 (TNT recipients only)To send Pasaload Lahat Text 20, type <cellphone number> <space> <LT20> and send to 808

Ex.: 09187564331 LT20
1 day150 texts to all networks

Take note: SMART charges P1.00 per pasaload transaction.

Do you have any concern or problem with your pasaload transactions?

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Total comments : 10
Jeff Sosa   (18 October 2017 11:07 AM)
Why is prepaid load with expiry date? The government have made an announcement and ruling that load in cellphones will have no expiry date.

Eko Budi Santoso   (11 December 2015 10:46 PM)
Dear Sir/Miss.
Usually I don't have problem for pasaload, but today I received report that I don't have enough balance. I have P179.50 and I wanna transfer P100. I have tried to transfer P20 (only) but still it says I don't have enough load balance.

Thank you for your help.

chelen   (13 August 2015 3:36 PM)
I can't pasaload. It says that I don't have enough balance to complete the transaction but I have P310.00 load and I need to transfer P200. This is crazy!

Eloiza Castillo   (17 September 2014 10:32 AM)
I can't pasaload. It says that I don't have enough balance to complete the transaction but I have P105.00 load and I need to transfer P100. This is crazy!

Jena Marcelo   (11 July 2014 10:16 PM)
Why can'y I do pasaload? It always says, "Sorry, you cannot Pasaload the preloaded value or the load transfer to you....." Please do answer.

joshua   (01 February 2014 5:11 PM)
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joshua   (01 February 2014 5:10 PM)

Bornokis   (02 July 2013 3:44 PM)

KhIm Calmante   (19 April 2013 5:17 PM)
09127691274 150

nica   (20 March 2013 12:33 PM)
09103423087 150