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How to Create an Envelope With a Logo in Word

How to Create an Envelope With a Logo in Word
"Image Credit: Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images Many major companies no longer order expensive printed stationery. Instead, they scan their logos into company computers then print them on company correspondence. Customizing personal and professional stationery takes little time or skill and produces good-looking results. You can easily add a logo as part of your own return address then print it on your envelopes. Advertisement Step 1 Choose ""Tools, Letters and Mailings; Envelopes and Labels"" on the Standard Toolbar. Click inside the ""Return Address"" window and type the return address. Click ""Add to Document"" then click ""Yes."" When the envelope appears, select where you want to place the logo then choose ""Insert, Picture from File."" Double-click the logo file to insert it onto the envelope. Step 2 Click ""View, Toolbars, Drawing."" On the ""Drawing toolbar,"" click ""Draw, Text Wrapping, Edit Wrap Points."" Click outside the image then click it again. Resize and reposition the logo using the edit handles. Advertisement Step 3 Align the logo by right clicking it. Choose ""Format Picture."" In the ""Format Picture"" window, click ""Layout"" or ""Wrapping"" tab (depending on the version of Word). Select the wrapping that works best. As a start, choose ""Square,"" under ""Horizontal Alignment,"" click ""Left."" Step 4 Click ""OK."" Select the logo then choose ""Insert, Auto Text, New."" In the ""Create AutoText"" box, type ""EnvelopeExtra1"" then ""OK."" Advertisement Step 5 To see how the logo looks printed, press ""Ctrl P, Current Page."" This will print the envelope page only. Adjust the logo size if necessary. Click ""OK."" In future the logo will print as part of your return address. Things You'll Need Scanned or other logo image saved to a computer file Envelopes Tip Click “Insert, Auto Text, Auto Text.” Delete “EnvelopeExtra1” from your “AutoText” list to remove the logo. Advertisement"

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