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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hate Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012

Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012 is one of the top headlines of most news reports in the Philippines today.
The law is said to protect individuals from any forms of misuse, abuse and illegal access of information in the computer or internet.

Well-known crimes of this law are hacking, cracking, cybersex, online child pornography, identity theft, spamming and the most controversial, online libel.

But many politicians, journalists, and organized groups describe some provisions of the law as 'too vague or broad' that it violates freedom of expression.

As a blogger and an internet-user like you, I express my sentiments of this newly-signed law. If this law is in full effect and enacted, you will surely suffer the things I listed below:

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hate Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012

1.  You will be jailed up to 12 years even if you just like a post in Facebook, tweet a post in Twitter, comment in a blog or post in a forum.

"If you click ‘like,’ you can be sued, and if you share, you can also be sued,” said Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, one of the lawmakers who voted against the passage of the law.

"Even Mark Zuckerberg can be charged with cyber-libel,” the senator said.

The provision, according to Guingona, is so broad and vague that it’s not even clear who should be liable for a given statement online. "And if you’re found guilty, get ready to spend up to 12 years in prison." (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57522609/facebooks-like-may-land-filipinos-in-jail/)

2.  You will be jailed for criticizing an idiot politician or a controversial actor/actress.

3.  You will be jailed for posting bad things against the company you hate and the poor services they offer.

4.  You will be jailed for using pirated softwares, music or images.

5.  You will be jailed for downloading/watching your favorite latest movies in torrent sites or online streaming sites.

6.  You will be jailed for selling something to someone through email without the consent of the receiver of the email.

7.  You will be jailed for liking a sex video scandal of a child in Facebook.

8.  You will be jailed for having a cybersex with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

9.  A wife will be jailed if she likes the sex video scandal of her husband's minor ex-girlfriend in Facebook.

10. President Noynoy Aquino will be jailed if he spams my blog.

When I search cybercrime in Youtube, I see a video entitled "Hitler reacts to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 being signed" uploaded by n00bm0de. I don't made or owned this video.

Are you in favor of Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012? Why? Tell us your thoughts below in the comment.

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