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2012 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC)

The Department of Education (DepEd) through the Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE) and the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE), shall conduct the 2012 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) with the theme "Promoting Digital Literacy Through Campus Journalism" on April 9-13, 2012 in a venue to be announced later. This activity is pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No. 7079 entitled "An Act Providing for the Development and Promotion of Campus Journalism and for Other Purposes."
NSPC 2012

The conference aims to:
  1. demonstrate understanding of the importance of journalism by expressing it through different journalistic endeavors and approaches;
  2. provide activities which will encourage the students to pursue careers/studies in journalism; and
  3. enhance journalistic competence through healthy and friendly competitions.
The Official Regional Delegation shall consist of two hundred sixteen (216)
participants. The breakdown is contained in Enclosure No. 1. The delegates are expected to be at the venue before dinner on April 8, Sunday and to leave after breakfast on April 13, 2012, Friday. Early confirmation and registration with the host region is encouraged.

In support of the development of digital literacy as the 21st Century Core Skills
which children need to learn, the conduct of the 2012 NSPC should model and provide opportunities for campus journalists to demonstrate this critical literacy. Thus,
appropriate changes have been introduced in the following: (a) number of regional entries
to the Group (School Paper) Contests; (b) manner of submission of the school papers; and (c) introduction of collaborative activities among the campus/student journalists.

The conference activities shall include the following: (a) Individual Contests; (b)
Scriptwriting and Radio Broadcasting Contest; (c) Collaborative Publishing Contest; (d) Concurrent Sessions; (e) Awarding of the Group (School Paper), Individual, Scriptwriting
and Radio Broadcasting and Collaborative Publishing Contests Winners; (I) Con-contestants' Activities; (g) Awarding of the National Outstanding School Paper Advisers
(SPAs) and Campus Journalists (CJs), among others. Please refer to Enclosure No. 2 for the guidelines of the contests.

The regional winners/entries for the Group (School Paper) Contests in electronic or printed copies must be received by the BEE and BSE on or before February 17, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. (strictly no extension).

Each participant shall pay a registration fee of Four Thousand Pesos (PhP4,000.00) to cover expenses for board and lodging, kits including conference materials and other incidental expenses charged to local funds or the School Campus Journalism Fund, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and procedures. Participants from the private schools shall make their own arrangements to source out funds to cover the costs relative to their participation in the aforecited activity. Advance payment in cheques shall be addressed to the host region/division while the fee for on-site registration shall be paid in cash.

A subsidy in the amount of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP2,500,000.00) shall be downloaded to the host region to cover the costs of trophies, certificates, supplies and materials, honoraria and the board and lodging of judges, chargeable to OSEC Campus Journalism Funds, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

The conduct of the other major activities listed in Enclosure No. 4 shall be charged to the OSEC Campus Journalism Funds.

For further information and submission of the regional winners/entries for the Group (School Paper) Contests and Individual Contests, please contact or visit the following:

Dir. Angelita M. Esdicul
Attn.: Mr. Eldy U. Oñas
Bureau of Elementary Education
2nd Floor, Bonifacio Building
DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City Telefax No.: (02) 638-4700
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Dr. Lolita M. Andrada
Attn.: Dr. Paz Naypes/Ms. Ana Sol Reyes
Bureau of Secondary Education
3rd Floor, Bonifacio Building
DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City Telefax No.: (02) 632-7586
E-mail Address: [email protected]

2012 NSPC Confirmation Sheet

Regional Coordinator:____________________________________   RTWG DepED: ___________________
Telephone No.:_____________________ Fax No.: ____________________ Email: ___________________

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to confirm the attendance of ________ delegates from Region _______ in the 2012 NSPC to be held on April 9-13, in Region III.

Expected Delegates
Actual Delegates

Campus Journalist winners
Ranks 1-3 in 7 categories in Individual Contests with 2 mediums

Campus Journalist winners Rank 1 in Regional Radio Broadcasting and Scriptwriting Contests (7CJs in English & 7 CJs in Filipino)

Coaches of the CJ winners in Individual Contests

Coaches of the Scriptwriting and Radio Broadcasting Team

Regional Director (RD) or Assistant Regional Director (ARD)


Regional Division Chiefs or Assistant Chiefs

Education Supervisor (ES) II in English & Filipino

City/Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) or Assistant City Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS)


Education Supervisor (ES) I in English & Filipino

Outstanding CJ and SPA

Other Regional delegates
Pls. specify

Regional Delegates Total

Very truly yours,
Head, Regional Delegation Team

Signature over Printed Name


1. Group (School Paper) Contests

1.1. The objective of the competition is to recognize the Ten (10) Outstanding School Papers across the seventeen (17) regions in the country that showcase the collaborative competence of the schools' editorial staff and their school paper advisers' critical role in developing and producing quality school papers.

1.2 Each region shall select the top ten (10) school papers each in English and Filipino at the elementary and secondary levels using the suggested criteria. Only these school papers (see Table below) will be submitted to the NSPC TWG.

9" x 12" in size
Standard printed newsletter
With at least 8 pages
10 School Papers
10 Schools Papers
12" x 18" in size
Standard printed broadsheet or tabloid
With at least 8 pages
10 School Papers
10 School Papers

1.3. Schools have the option to submit electronic or printed copies of their entries. The electronic or printed copies of the regional entries must be received by BEE and BSE not later than Friday, February 17, 2012 at 5:00 pm.

1.4. For the first level of the competition, each school paper will be judged as a whole to determine the ten outstanding school papers each in English and Filipino at the elementary and secondary levels.

1.5. From among the top ten school papers, the second level of competition will recognize the top three school papers in English and Filipino at the elementary and secondary levels with the:

1.6.1. Best Editorial Page
1.6.2. Best News Page
1.6.3. Best Feature Literary Page
1.6.4. Best Sports Page
1.6.5. Best Layout Design

2. Individual Contests

2.1 The individual contests for both elementary and secondary levels shall have the following categories in English and Filipino:

1. Editorial Writing
1. Pagsulat ng Editoryal
2. Feature Writing
2. Pagsulat ng Lathalain
3. News Writing
3. Pagsulat ng Balita
4. Sports Writing
4. Pagsulat ng Isports
5. Editorial Cartooning
5. Kartung Pang-Editoryal
6. Photojournalism
6. Larawang Pampahayagan
7. Copy Reading and Headline Writing
7. Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo ng Balita

2.2. The mechanics and procedure for the Individual Contests in the 2011 NSPC shall continue to be applied in the 2012 NSPC.

2.3. Photojournalism Contest:

2.3.1. Digital cameras (point and shoot only with a maximum of 12.5 megapixels shall be used. DSLR and other high-end digital cameras shall not be allowed in order to level the playing field.

2.3.2. Blank or empty storage card (compact flash, SD card, MMC) shall be submitted to the NTWG secretariat for checking and coding a day before the actual competition

2.3.3. The NTWG shall upload the photos in the computers for judging Layouting and captioning shall not be required components of the contest.

3. Collaborative Publishing Contest

3.1. The competition in collaborative publishing is designed to encourage teamwork among campus journalists and simulate the workplace of a publishing company house.

3.2 Each region shall organize a team of seven students who competed in the national Individual Contests (not a separate group) in English and Filipino at the elementary and secondary levels.

3.3 The team shall produce a four-page tabloid using MS Publisher.

3.4. The finished product will be uploaded to the NSPC official website for judging.

3.5. The top seven teams shall be recognized and the points they garnered will be included in the computation of the overall scores.

4. Scriptwriting and Radio Broadcasting

4.1 To appreciate the broadcast media as as essential part of journalism, the student journalists shall simulate a 5-minute radio broadcast. Two minutes shall be allotted for entrance and exit.

4.2 Each region shall field a seven (7) member team in English and seven (7) in Filipino from the elementary and secondary levels.

4.3. The first part of the competition, which is scriptwriting, shall be prepared using laptops brought by the contestants. The second part shall be the actual broadcast.

4.4. The presentation shall be evaluated according to the following journalistic skills: (1) scriptwriting: (2) newscasting: (3) anchoring; and (4) field reporting.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 School Papers

Coverage (50%)
Exhibits appropriate balance of news, editorial, features, sports, and other appropriate and interesting content

  • Editorial Page
    • Expresses student perspective
    • Supports assertions with concrete evidence and thorough research
    • Suggests thoughtful solutions to problems

  • News Page
    • Covers relevant school issues and events
    • Makes local, national and international events relevant to students
    • Utilizes facts from interviews, document review, data analysis and other reliable sources

  • Feature and Literary Page
    • Highlights originality/uniqueness
    • Presents topics of human interest

  • Sports Page
    • Includes events, features and opinion on sports activities/events
    • Provides analysis, rather than mere reporting of the conduct of the games
  • Additional Features
    • Encourages contributions from non-staff individuals (letters to the editor and the like)
    • Includes other elements (cartoons, jokes, puzzles, trivia, scientific breakthroughs, etc.)

Writing quality and style (30%)

  • Exhibits clear focus and coherent organization

  • Uses precise language; nor wordy or redundant

  • Chooses tone and style to fit subject

  • Uses appropriate grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation

School Paper Layout (10%)

  • Illustrates attractive and excellent makeup, headlines and typography
  • Uses appropriate photos, illustrations and graphics

Ethics (10%)

  • Observes accepted standards of journalism in terms of fairness, relevance, accuracy and balance for the print media
  • Avoids potentially libelous or obscene content, plagiarism and copyright violations


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can i see the result of rspc 2012 region 3 because i am the one who represent our school last oct. 24 2012
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seoul_princess_otaku_maddness   (17 December 2012 9:15 PM)
OMG, nanalo ako dito sa Copyreading and Headline Writing 6th place. Kaya lng di ako pinalad this year sa regionals namin eh... Ung theme po ng NSPC 2012 is "Promoting Digital Literacy Through Campus Journalism" and sa 2013 naman po is "Campus Journalism: Championing Ethics In Social Media". ^_^

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hi!!! can you please kindly post the winners of Copyreading and Headline Writing Contest, English and Filipino category last april held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan...... Thanks po!!!!

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lorenz, I think this is what you're looking for: 2012 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) Winners

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