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Guidelines on the Use of Funds for the Construction, Repair and Rehabilitation of Regional Educational Learning Centers (RELCs)...


Starting School Year 2011-2012, the Construction and Repair/Rehabilitation of the Regional Educational Learning Centers (RELCs) and Central, Regional and Division Offices shall observe the following guidelines:
The allocation of funds shall be based on the following order of priority:
  1. Completion of on-going construction works for Division office buildings;
  2. Completion of on-going construction works for RELCs and dormitories of Regional Offices;
  3. Construction of Division Offices for those divisions without permanent offices/structures and for newly created divisions;
  4. Repair and Maintenance of Regional and Division Offices;
  5. Repair/Rehabilitation of existing RELC facilities and dormitories; and 6.Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Central Office facilities.
Requests for funding for the construction of Division Offices shall be reviewed and evaluated based on the projects' physical requirements and their corresponding budget ceilings:

Category of Office
Total Building Floor Area
Project Cost Limit
600-700 sq. m.
PhP8,000,000.00 - PhP11,000,000.00 - PhP15,000,000.00
800-900 sq. m.
Large - Extra Large
1,000 sq. m.

Requests for funding for the construction of Regional Offices shall be evaluated based on submitted. plans and cost estimates, subject to the approval of the Secretary.

Requests for funding for repair and rehabilitation of Regional Offices, Division Offices and RELCs shall be limited to minor structural problems that need immediate action.

Requesting offices shall submit to the Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division (PFSED) the following technical documents:
For New Construction
  1. Letter of Request;
  2. Copy of Site Ownership Documents;
  3. Proposed Plans and Detailed Estimates;
    1. Design by private consultant or LGU - for PFSED review and concurrence
    2. DepED Design- including request for technical assistance on the preparation of detailed engineering plans; and
  4. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) issued by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (MGB-DENR).
For Ongoing Construction /Completion
  1. Letter of Request;
  2. Scope of Works and Detailed Estimates prior to completion;
  3. Status of Project Implementation; and
  4. Photo documentation of Work Accomplishment
For Repair/Rehabilitation
  1. Letter of Request;
  2. Scope of Works and Detailed Estimates; and
  3. Photo documentation of the structure or areas for repair/ rehabilitation
Offices with on-going construction works must submit a Project Implementation Report (See attached form A) with the Proposed Program of Works and Detailed Estimates.

Proposals for on-going and completion of construction works shall be validated to determine the actual remaining budgetary requirements of those projects. The availability of counterpart funding from legislative representatives, local government units, non-government organizations and private donors shall also be considered in the review and approval of requests.

The PSFED shall be in charge of project monitoring and supervision.

Regular submission of quarterly Accomplishment Reports will be strictly implemented.

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