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Reaching the Unreached Through Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) Summer Program

In line with the goals of the Global Education for All (EFA) 2015, the Department of Education (DepEd) through the Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE) and the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) shall conduct the Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) Summer Program dubbed as "Reaching the Unreached Through ADM Summer Program for FY 2012."
This activity aims to provide more inclusive approaches and wider strategies to address access and quality of education in elementary and secondary levels.

The Guidelines on the Implementation of the ADM Summer Program at the elementary and secondary levels are stipulated in the enclosure.

Funds for professional fees of teacher-facilitators, monitoring and evaluation as well as module reproduction shall be allocated by regional offices from the budget transferred by these bureaus (BEE and BSE).

For more details, all concerned may contact the following: Dr. Rogelio Dories, Team Leader of ADM-Elementary Level at telefax no.: (02) 638-4799 and Ms. Prudencia M. Sanoy, Team Leader of ADM-Secondary Level at telefax no.: (02) 635-9822 or may send a message through e-mail address: save sardo(u,yahoo.com.


A.    Advocacy and Information Dissemination

1.    All Regional ADM teams shall convene all the Division Coordinators to plan for a massive advocacy and information dissemination campaign. Advocacy and information activities shall include the wider utilization of media existing in the locality, i.e. television, radio or local newspaper.

2.    All Division Coordinators shall likewise convene all public elementary and secondary school principals or school heads for specific execution of the plans as agreed upon at the regional level.

3.    Full mobilization of all the stakeholders are required to reach the intended clients e.g. PICA, local government units down to the barangay level, alumni association, among others.

B.    Registration

1.    All public elementary and secondary principals shall appoint local ADM coordinators to manage the registration.

2.    Registration shall be conducted during the four Saturdays of February, but not later than March, to give way for the preparation of the number of modules to be prepared by the school; MISOSA modules for the elementary and OHSP modules for the secondary.

3.    All teachers who shall be involved in the registration shall be entitled to service credits as provided in DepED Order No. 19, s. 2011 (Granting of Vacation Service Credits to Teachers Implementing DORP and OHSP) and DepED Order No. 53, s. 2003 (Updated Guidelines on Grant of Vacation Service Credits to Teachers).

4.    Teacher-facilitators who shall handle the actual conduct of the ADM summer program shall be granted a modest professional fee subject to DBM Circular No. 2007-2 October 1, 2007 and DBM Circular No. 2003-5 September 26, 2003 (Guidelines on the Granting of Honoraria due to assignment in Government Special Projects).

C.    The Target Clients of ADM Summer 2012

1.    The two Bureaus adhering to the principles of an inclusive, learning-friendly environment (ILFE) require all schools to register all children who have not been to school regardless of gender, physical, intellectual, social, emotional, linguistic or other characteristics.

2.    The Out-of-school youths and adults (OSY/A) who wish to register in the ADM Summer and high school dropout shall also be accommodated by virtue of the Education for All goal.
2a.    In cases of loss or inadequate registration documents e.g. elementary certificate of graduation, elementary card or high school report card of the last year attended, the interested clients shall bring certification from any of the following government agencies: from the local government unit - barangay level, and local DSWD (Department Social Welfare and Development).
2b.    The certificate shall express the willingness of the agency/institution to temporarily act as guardian and assist the interested client in the submission of the said requirements.
D. The Delivery

1. The following timeline shall be followed by the school ADM team:

March 26-30
Conduct of Phil-IRI, SREA for the elementary level and
Independent Learning Readiness Assessment (ILRA) for the secondary level to determine the type of readiness of perspective clientele
  • Independent Level
  • Instructional Level
  • Frustration/Beginning Level
The types of leaming level after the conduct of readiness
assessment shall guide the teacher-facilitators what to teach
(content) and how to teach (differentiated strategies)
  • The Independent Level shall automatically be home schooled with mutually agreed face-to-face schedules, e.g. once a week only. MISOSA and OHSP modules and other self-learning materials are brought home by the independent learner
  • The Instructional Level shall require more frequent face-to-face schedules, e.g. twice or thrice a week to bridge the assessed weaknesses of the learner
  • The Frustration/Beginning Level shall require individualized teaching-learning process, thus the learner all have to attend ADM classes everyday. In case of perceived learning disabilities, target learners shall be referred to professionals before any MISOSA and OHSP module is given. Once learning disability is established, remedial reading program shall be the main content of the ADM summer class. Results of the Pre-Test and Post-Test of remedial reading program shall direct the teacher-facilitators whether the learner is ready to take PEPT.

April 6
Signing of Learning Contract
April 9-14
Pre Test in English, Science, & Math
April 16 - June 2
(7 weeks)
Conduct of ADM Modalities
June 4-6
Post Test in English, Science, & Math and Registration to Special PEPT (Phil. Education Placement Test)
June 11-16
Conduct of Teaching-Learning Scaffolds in preparation of the PEPT
June 19
Local PEPT
June onwards
Mainstreaming to any grade/year level based on PEPT results
2. The Phil-IRI, (Philippine Informal Reading Inventory), SREA (School Readiness Assessment) and ILRA (Independent Learning Readiness Assessment) results shall be the basis for placing the learners in the appropriate learning mode:
In case of ILRA results for secondary level, the following must be observed:
  • Home Schooling - Independent Learner
  • Blended Learning - (Face-to-face with the facilitators and Home Schooling - Instructional Learner
  • School-Based Guided Learning - Frustration/Beginning Learner
The school-based guided learning is learning-to-learn skills development, thus, the facilitator shall provide more teaching scaffolds in English, Science, and Math in preparation with the conduct of the PEPT.

3. The learning contract to be signed by the School Head, parent/guardian and learner shall include the schedules for face-to-face meeting with the teacher-facilitators.

E. The PEPT (Philippine Education Placement Test)

The Bureau of Elementary Education and Bureau of Secondary Education shall coordinate with the NETRC (National Education Testing and Research Center) regarding the PEPT administrative requirements.

F. Monitoring and Evaluation

The two Bureaus shall conduct monitoring and evaluation to ensure the smooth implementation of the ADM Summer Program. Results of the monitoring and evaluation shall be the basis for future policy decisions.

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