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Uniform Committee to Select the DepEd Uniforms for 2013-2014 & 2014-2015

To facilitate the selection of uniforms for officials and employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) for School Years (SYs) 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, a Uniform Committee shall be created.
The Uniform Committee shall be tasked to:
  1. prepare the guidelines for the selection of the uniform designs and materials that will be most appropriate and suitable for the teachers and non-teaching employees;
  2. decide on issues relevant to the selection of DepEd Uniform;
  3. determine the mode of distributing the clothing allowance for CY 2013 and the method of procuring the clothing materials for the selected uniforms;
  4. monitor the implementation of the wearing of the prescribed selected uniforms and resolve issues which may arise thereafter.
The uniform designs which will be selected by the Committee, as well as the mode of distributing the clothing allowance and the method of procuring the uniform materials, shall be presented to the ExeCom for approval.

The Uniform Committee shall be composed of representatives of the different sectoral groups and offices in the Department, i.e. regional directors (RDs), directors of bureaus/ services/centers, schools division/city superintendents (SDSs), education supervisors, district supervisors, school heads/principals, national associations/organizations of teachers and non-teaching employees. It shall be headed by Undersecretaries Francisco M. Varela as Chairperson and Yolanda S. Quijano, as Co-Chairperson. The members shall be composed of one (1) permanent representative from the following twenty-eight (28) national organizations/associations of teachers and non-teaching employees and DepEd offices:
  1. National Organizations/Associations of Teachers and Non-Teaching Employees (14)
    1. Association of DepEd Directors (ADD);
    2. Philippine Association of Schools Superintendents (PASS)
    3. National Association of Public Secondary School Heads, Inc. (NAPSSHI)
    4. Public Elementary Schools Principals Association (PESPA)
    5. Philippine Public School Teachers Association (PPSTA)
    6. Philippine Association of Education Supervisors (PAES)
    7. Philippine Schools District Supervisors Association (PSDSA)
    8. Association of Administrative Officers of the Department of Education (AAODE)
    9. Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT)
    10. Teachers Dignity Coalition (TD C)
    11. Basic Education Sector Teachers Federation (BESTFED)
    12. Action and Solidarity for the Empowerment of Teachers (ASSERT)
    13. Philippine Federation of Teachers and Employees Cooperatives (PFTEC)
    14. DepEd National Employees Union (DepEd NEU)
  2. DepEd Offices (14)
    1. Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE)
    2. Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE)
    3. Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS)
    4. National Educational Testing and Research Center (NETRC)
    5. Instructional Materials Council Secretariat (IMCS)
    6. Health and Nutrition Center (HNC)
    7. Educational Development Project Implementing Task Force (EDPITAF)
    8. Technical Service (TS)
    9. Administrative Service (AS)
    10. Finance and Management Service (FMS)
    11. Human Resource Development Service (HRDS)
    12. Office of the Planning Service (OPS)
    13. Procurement Service (PS)
    14. Internal Audit Service (IAS)
The Employees Welfare and Benefits Division (EWBD) shall provide support services to this Committee.

The above cited organizations/associations shall submit to the EWBD through telefax no.: (02) 633-7229 the name of their permanent representative to the Uniform Committee together with their contact numbers.

The regional and division offices shall create their respective Uniform Committees to select their regional and division uniforms, respectively.

For inquiries, all concerned may contact:
Ms. Sonia R. De Leon
Chief, Employees Welfare and Benefits Division (EWBD)
Human Resource Development Service (HRDS) DepEd Central Office
Ground Floor, Mabini Building
DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Telefax No.: (02) 633-7229

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Lilani Liloc-Alcala   (02 April 2013 10:42 PM)
Can you not design uniforms that are comfortable and pleasing to the eyes? Uniforms are supposed to be "chada" "nindot" etc...right? Simplicity is great...

jessica garcia   (20 February 2013 7:11 PM)
The last uniform was very hot since our classroom has no aircon ... P