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8 Effective Ways In Using Your Microphone Up To More Than 5 Years

Microphone is a device that we use in singing, hosting or speaking especially during special occasions. No matter how much careful you are in keeping your microphone safe for long-lasting usage, time will come that it will produce scratchy sound or worst it will no longer work or will become non-functional. Aside from cheap low quality microphone brands, some of the major reasons are the ineffective ways of using your microphone. To make the best out of your microphone and use it up to more than five (5) years, you must know the "8 Effective Ways in Using Your Microphone"
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8 Effective Ways in Using Your Microphone

1. For optimal performance, place the microphone as close as possible to the desired sound source. The optimum distance between the microphone and mouth is 5 to 10 centimeters. If the microphone is too close to the mouth, the sound may be unclear with too-much enhanced bass (proximity effect) of may be uncomfortable to ears with pop noise generated every time the singer breathes in and out.

2. To prevent feedback from undesired background noise, aim the microphone toward the sound source and away from undesired sound source.

3. For the purest reproduction of sound, use no more than one microphone per sound source and use the fewest number of microphones necessary for the application.

4. For maximum isolation, keep the distance between microphone at least three times the distance from each source to microphone.

5. Work close to the microphone for extra bass response. This phenomenon is known as proximity effect and can be used to achieve a fuller sound, especially for vocals during soft passages where extra emphasis is needed. For instruments, proximity effect can be used to changed bass output without using tone controls.

6. Placing the microphone too close to accoustically reflective (smooth, hard) surfaces will result in a poor frequency response and will increase the chances for feedback. To minimize this effect, place microphones as far as possible from accoustically reflective surfaces.

7. Do not cover any part of the grille with your hand. Covering the grille alters the sound and distorts the polar pattern, increasing the chances for feedback.

8. It is important to keep foreign particles out of the grille and the windscreen because they may alter the frequency response of the microphone. The grille may be periodically cleaned using warm, soapy water, rinse with plain and let it dry before replacing.

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