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Globe Wireless Landline/Telephone Problem

Let me share to you a sentiment I suffered that you might encounter with using Globe's wireless landline. I'm also a Globe subscriber. Last September 2011, I've applied for Globe's Wireless landline/telephone with wimax internet. Two employees from VISATECH, an accredited Globe Telecom Contractor, installed the units (the landline and the wimax canopy antenna) in my home.
Globe Wireless Landline/Telephone Problem

For the first week, the landline was working in good condition (meaning I can successfully called and received incoming calls). But at the second week, my Globe landline/telephone didn't 't work anymore. The unit has not been damage, broken or have fallen and it has a dial tone. I kept the telephone in a very safe place but I was surprised when I couldn't call or receive incoming calls anymore.

That's why I called Globe Customer Service Hotline No.: 027301000. This is a toll-free number. You can call them free of charge through Globe landline or Globe/TM mobile phone. Your Globe/TM mobile phone must have 1 peso remaining balance to successfully call Globe Customer Service Hotline Number.

Then a Globe Customer Service Representative answered my call and made a report of the problem. After that day, a Globe technician contacted me and fixed my landline/telephone problem. He never physically went to my house. Upon calling him in my mobile phone, I asked him what's the real problem.

"There's a mismatch configuration in the main control system in Globe's Office in IT Park Cebu," he answered.

Few minutes passed, the Globe technician called me in my landline/telephone and told me that the problem had already been fixed. Yes, my Globe telephone has now been fixed.

Few days later, the problem came back. Until now, I suffered from this chronic technical problem with Globe wireless landline. Just like before, whenever I had a problem with my Globe subscription, I have to call Globe Customer Service Hotline No.: 027301000.

Right now at this moment I'm writing this article, I'm waiting for Globe's response to fix the problem of my Globe wireless telephone. What I've noticed in their customer service approach right now is whenever you've called and made a report of your problem to Globe, hours later, they will send you an automated response/feedback which I think can waste your valuable time especially when you're so busy doing your work. The automated response doesn't help anything in fixing immediately my wireless landline problem.

Until now, I'm waiting from Globe to fix the problem. What I fear is that this Globe wireless telephone technical problem might be recurring. Meaning it will again occur after few days. That's why I describe this problem above as "chronic" technical problem with Globe wireless landline.

If you are a Globe wireless landline subscriber, isn't it a waste of money and time if we will continue to subscribe with their wireless landline? I hope Globe can read my sentiment. There are over tens of thousands of Globe wireless landline subscriber out there. I think they feel the same way too.

If you are a Globe officer/employee, could you please enlighten us with this kind of problem I've shared?

If you're a Globe subscriber, what kind of bad or good experience do you encounter as a Globe Subscriber?

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Dexter Evangelio   (10 September 2013 5:14 PM)
To whom this urgent matter may concern: I am Dexter L. Evangelio of Villa Kareena, Davao City. W applied for your internet and landline services on Sept 1, 2013. It was installed the next day. We were duly informed by your agent assigned in our area, Ms. Ruth that the connection will be functional on the same day of installation and we were assured that the signal is strong and there will be no problem to it once it is installed. We were further informed that the landline will only be operational 3-5 days from the date of installation. However, on Sept. 5, the Globe internet connection stopped functioning/responding. Despite continuously informing your agent and a certain Ms. Janice Tuquib (through her email) of this matter, we did not receive any substantial/sufficient assistance except that Ms. Ruth told my wife to check on the wirings, turn off/on the unit and to call for customer assistance. All did not work. In fact, it was not resolved even after carefully checking the instruction manuals since last week. This is very troublesome and a downright disappointment 'coz its primary purpose has been unduly defeated. Also, we have been informed by your agent that the phoneline will take about 3-5 days to function. However, it was only activated last night (the 8th day). Again, despite informing your agent Ms Ruth and a certain Ms. Janice Tuquib (through her email), we did not receive any sufficient attention except to say that my proof of identification needs to be resubmitted and reverified, only last Sunday afternoon (7th day). We do not accept delays and I hope you understand this from the nature of your company's work and ethical standards. I do know that your agent's duty ends only until the unit is fully operational and free from any defect or malfunctions from the date of installation. But it seems that after complying with the requirements and payment involved on the 1st day, we are left with no choice but to irritatingly wait. I do believe that your company do not want your agent's credibility to be tarnished as it reflects to your company and how you train your staff and your company's name disreputed as a whole. Please do note that we have chosen your service despite 2 other companies chasing our attention and application, and this is what we get in return after we accepted your offer. Please do note also that we did not experience this untoward circumstance in another company currently servicing us. Lastly, please tell inform your agent and a certain Ms. Janice Tuquib (through her email) the courtesy and professionalism to reply to my messages and to inform Janice Tuquib to respond to my emails as Ms. Janice did not reply to my emails at all! My wife has been calling your customer care hotline and she was only able to talk to the representative for at least 5x and even spoke with the supervisor, but we did not receive any proper and urgent action. As a result and for the last 5 days, my wife transferred to my mom's residence so that she can work, as her job is based online and she works in a lawfirm in US. It is also extremely troublesome for me connecting to my work as I also work in a lawfirm in Singapore. So kindly expedite this matter without any further delay, failure of which I will be obligated to complain this matter directly to the NTC as a very disappointed consumer whilst i'm here in Manila and my wife will duly substantiate this issue in Davao without further notice.

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rosalinda micor   (07 September 2013 8:08 PM)
want to know my globe landline number?

Marius de Jess   (05 August 2013 11:35 AM)
It's the same with my Globe landline wireless bundled with Wimax internet access.

I suspect this is a scam, because Globe is selling a worthless product but we are paying faithfully in the hope that it will be corrected soon, but to date after 8 months the trouble is still with me.

When Globe finally if ever fixes the problem, then it must give us rebate for all the months we did not have any service, that is the only way it can redeem itself of the charge that it is into a scam.

Marius de Jess

moises d. gonda   (25 July 2013 1:26 PM)
im asking your office to kindly check my landline more than a month not working and almost to pa again this aug 12 but still no action. my wife already reported it and also visited your batangas office but not action till this moment. Grabe na po

melody   (21 July 2013 10:05 AM)
hi sir/maam my problema po ang telephone naming nawal po yong dial tone?,,ano po pwd naming gawin . . tnx

ruth   (15 June 2013 1:34 AM)
same problem and our telephone is out of order for like almost 2 months now we keep complaining but still getting the same answer. they just keep sending technicians to fix the line and it only last for a couple of hours after that just dial tone can't make calls or receive calls local/ndd/idd. tried to downgrade our plan remove the telephone but the cs rep said it will cost me 5k to remove the telephone from our plan which is ridiculous since their not providing the service we're paying. globe sucks

jim   (15 April 2013 7:15 PM)
getting same problem here. it has dial tone but can't make calls either local/ndd/idd. always get a busy tone. when i try to access the GUI of the router it shows under VOIP Status that there's a red 'x' on Register Status. after a few days it will show a green check again. globe tech reps can't resolve it as well and blames it on device. wtf!

Tom Cruz   (13 February 2013 11:30 AM)
Same problem, telephone is out of order for 1 month until now.
According to VISATECH there is a real problem issue with WIMAX w/ Landline

technically VISATECH and Globe should not issue these problematic bundle.

Christopher Chuach   (08 January 2012 8:09 AM)
My telephone is out of order for more than a week already
I havebreported it n made complained in ur globe office
Several times, insoite f dat nothing happened til now
If u stoll cant repair it asap
I plannned to terminate my landline service with u asap
We paid the bills on time even in advance but still ur services suck
Telephone is always out of order at least 2x a month
A big company like urs really have a suck service