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Mechanism projects stand out with the help of machinery

The sand making mechanism is extremely complex. Though there have been a lot of careful studies and the rules for grasp, deep researches are still needed.

In the using process of the sand maker, we should pay much attention to the followings:

First, check the loose of the various parts of screws, the lubrication and fastening of the chassis.

Second, according to the performance of the sand maker, appropriately adjust the discharge device.

Third, before crushing, you should open the cooling water faucet and check if the cooling water is proper.

Under normal circumstances, after the sudden hit and sand making of the separate solid materials, the small numbers of large particles and large numbers of small particles will be generated. Of course, small number of particles with medium size will also be generated. If the energy of the hit continuously to be increased, the large particles will be changed into the smaller particles and the small particles will be greatly increased, but the particle size of the fine powder will not be smaller any long.

This is because there are more or less fragile surfaces inside on the bulk materials. The materials will first be crushed along the fragile surface after they suffer from the force. When the particle size of the materials is relatively small, the fragile surface will reduce. At last, the particle size of the materials closes to the unit block which constitutes the crystal (silver inlay blocks). The small particles forces often will not be crushed when they suffer from the force. Only some particles with certain grain size will appear. Thus, the size of the small particles is determined by the nature of the materials and the size of the large particles is closely related to the sand making process. A series of experiments in which the ball mill is used for sand making have proved the above relationship. Henan Hongxing dust collector will be your best choice.

slag powder production line: http://www.china-hxjq.com/n266.html
lime kiln: http://www.crusher-machine.com/n134.html

The initial particle size distribution shows the single peak, which corresponds the relatively coarse particles. As the sand making process proceeds, the peak gradually decreases, and the second peak will be produced in a certain granularity. This process can last until the first peak disappears. The second peak is the characteristic of the materials which is known as the persistent peak type, while the first peak pattern is called the temporary formation. 


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