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The Temporary Usage of Mechanism on Mining Building

The fourth generation SC vibrating screen which uses modern engineering techniques as much as possible is improved on the base of SL vibrating screen. It processes sheet metal parts by using laser and water cutting method. The hollow section instead of solid section in the structure has ensured the stability of structure.

In abroad, the effective width of single-axis vibrating screen produced by Germany SIEB TECHNIK is 2400mm, and the length is up to 6000mm; the effective width of biaxial screen is 5500mm, the length is up to 11000mm; amplitude: the single-axis screen is about 12mm, and the biaxial screen is 16mm; the conveying speed of material is generally 0.3-0.4 m/s, even higher than this rate. The Japan and the United States large circular vibrating screens have widely applications with dual-axis excitation and transformed by belt conveyor.

Curved vibrating screen is a type of wet fine screening equipment. According to the feeding methods, it can be divided into pressure feeding type and gravity feeding type. The main part of curved screen is the sieve with a curved screen surface. The screen surface is composed of equidistant and parallel sieves. The pulp vertical flows through sieve with a certain speed along the tangential. The thickness of pulp gradually becomes thinner under the "cutting” effect, so as to achieve the separation. Part of pulp flow through the sieve under the centrifugal force. Some uncut pulps flow above the sieve under the force of inertia.

Fold rather than weld in the flange has reduced the workload and avoid stress concentration. The new design has a large discharging size and new type dustproof device from users’ needs. It also has electric heating, pneumatic cleaning and electric devices.

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