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The Pushing of Daily Regulation on Mining Industry...

The crushers such as jaw crusher and other large mining machinery equipment belong to high heavy industry products, which is also the core equipment of the engineering construction. Their market profits are very impressive. However, with the increase in the use of the mining machinery, the phenomenon of a lot of small business blindly imitating rises. They ignore the technological upgrading and the enhancement of content in the science and technology. Such various vicious competitions lead to the internal strife disorders of the mining machinery industry, the profit in mining machinery enterprises shrinks, which hinders the conduct of the scientific and technological innovation work and results in extremely bad influence to the development of mining machinery industry.

With the propulsion of the infrastructure construction in China, the government has invested a great deal of money and support on the construction project, which makes the application of China's building materials and mining machinery appear big growth momentum. Especially the crushers used in the production of sand aggregate have achieved certain market progress due to the needs of the infrastructure projects, and they are widely used in the ore dressing plant, building materials production, stone production plant, cement, concrete and other various industries, which continuously expands the market use and demand. Although this is a positive trend for the market development of mining machinery, however, due to the emergence of a lot of vicious competition, the development of mining machinery once has caught in the chaos of the market.

The requirements of China's green mining standard on the mining machinery equipment and enterprise are mainly reflected in three aspects, namely resource comprehensive utilization, technical innovation and development, energy saving and emission reduction targets, which requires the mineral development and utilization process, technology and equipment to comply with the standard of mineral resources comprehensive utilization, constantly improves and optimizes the production process, positively carries out the energy-saving and cost-reducing, energy-saving and emission-reduction work in order to ensure the advanced specialized of mining equipment.

In order to promote the sound development of mining machinery which is major in producing sand maker, our government has adjusted industry standard of mining machinery through the enactment of the micro-control policies, which formulates a strict standard for the market competition and equipment production of mining machinery, and helps mining machinery industry move towards to the ranks of high-tech production at the same time. As the excellent mining machinery enterprise, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd positively promotes the rectification and regulation of mining machinery industry through superior national patents.

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