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One Friendly Atmosphere on the Green Building of Mining

First, adjust industrial structure. Focus on reducing the pressure on resources and the environment caused by high energy consumption industries. Focus on content development, enhance soft power qualities, such as human resource and management capacity, and provide intellectual support for industrial restructuring and rejuvenation.

Second, upgrade industrial production processes. Through technology innovation, management innovation, and equipment upgrading, etc., reduce per unit of output energy and raw material consumption, that is achieve resource-conserving and environment-friendly by energy saving in the production process. Thus, we should establish independent innovation system and make it into play; break the key technologies that constraints transformation and upgrading, accelerate the mining machinery industry in China transform from technology imitating and technology tracking to technological innovation and technology integration, from middle level to high-end or top technical equipment; make products innovation and technology innovation, create more and more profound mining machinery and equipment, improve the level of specialization, high-tech and autonomation;

Third, adjust product structure. As an intermediate inputs industry, the energy conservation level of machinery industry products are related to the arrangement of the national energy-saving economy as a whole. Therefore, use information technology to transform and upgrade the traditional production, enhance the automation, informatization and intelligence level; use high technology to upgrade product quality, and promote the integration of informatization and industrialization; through process upgrading to increase the production of environmentally friendly products.

Accordingly, a resource-conserving and environment-friendly machinery industry structure refers to that, resource-saving and environment-friendly industry or product should occupy a larger proportion in machinery industry and product structure as well as in mechanical industrial production methods and production process. There are three ways to establish such a machinery industry.

Hongxing machine, which specialized in ball mill manufacturing, comprehensively use the above methods in practice, advancing enterprise structure to the resources-saving and environment friendly!

Only based on China's basic national conditions and the current situation of mechanical industries, mining machinery industry can achieve the goal of sustainable growth; therefore, it is necessary to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry structure. Resource-saving and environment-friendly in mechanical industrial production refers to obtain the unit of output by fewer resources and lower negative externalities on the environment.

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