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Promo for GOTSCOMBODD90: Get 7 days of unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

Promo for GOTSCOMBODD90: Get 7 days of unlimited texts and 2GB of data.
"""GOTSCOMBODD90, also known as GOSAKTO90, is a Globe and TM promotion that provides unlimited SMS to all networks and 2GB of mobile data for seven days. The promotion, which has the same duration and costs 90 yen, is an upgrade to the GOTSCOMBODD70 promotion. ,'_com-box-3','ezslot_4',183,,_('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-3-0');
The majority of prepaid subscribers in the Philippines are looking for ways to save money while using the Internet because mobile data is expensive there. Mobile data appeals to many Filipinos because not everyone has access to WiFi or expensive Internet plans. Filipinos can afford to use the Internet thanks to prepaid promotions like GOTSCOMBODD90.
Previously, GOTSCOMBODD90 offered only 2GB for mobile games and video streaming, but Globe recently increased that to 1GB per day. This indicates that you can use up to 9GB of mobile data for a week! This is fantastic news for those who enjoy playing games like Mobile Legends, watching movies on Netflix, or watching videos on YouTube. ,'_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',191,,_('div-gpt-ad-_com-medrectangle-3-0');
GOEXTRA90, a similar promotion offered by Globe, can only be used with GCash. The GOEXTRA90 promotion offers unlimited calls to TM and Globe, whereas GOTSCOMBODD90 and GOSAKTO90 do not.
How to Register for GOTSCOMBODD90 How to Stop GOTSCOMBODD90 and Check Status How to Extend GOTSCOMBODD90Promotional AddonsConclusion GOTSCOMBODD90 Inclusions GOTSCOMBODD90 provides you with 1GB of mobile data, 1GB of data per day for the Facebook, Instagram, GoWatch, and GoPlay apps, and unlimited texts to all networks for a period of seven days.
The promotion includes GoWatch applications like YouTube, Netflix, iflix, iWant, HOOQ, and Viu. Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and Rules of Survival are all GoPlay apps. Learn more about the GoWatch and GoPlay apps that are part of this promotion by reading this page: 300,250], ""_com-medrectangle-4,"" ""ezslot_6,"" 192,"" ""div-gpt-ad-_com-medrectangle-4-0,""
In summary, GOTSCOMBODD90 includes the following:
Unlimited texts to all networks, 2GB of mobile Internet data per day for Facebook, Instagram, GoWatch, and GoPlay apps, and more For uninterrupted service, ensure that you have at least one extra balance.
How to Sign Up for GOTSCOMBODD90 To sign up for the promotion, text ""GOTSCOMBODD90"" or ""GOSAKTO90"" to 8080. Before activating mobile data on your phone, wait for the SMS confirming your registration's success.
By dialing the USSD code *143# and selecting GoSAKTO > Try GOSAKTO90 > Subscribe, you can also sign up for the promotion.
Verify that you have a sufficient prepaid load balance to pay for the registration. Your load balance will be reduced by the sum of 90. '_com-box-4','ezslot_7',193,,_('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-4-0');
How to Stop GOTSCOMBODD90 and Check Your Status If you want to stop receiving the promotion for any reason, simply text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 to unsubscribe.
Text GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080 to check the status of your GOTSCOMBODD90 subscription, such as how much data you still have or when your promotion will end.
Before signing up for future Globe promotions, wait for the text message confirming your unsubscription.
How to Extend GOTSCOMBODD90 Your GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 subscription can be extended for 15 or 30 days. This extension will only have an effect on the data on your regular or open access mobile phone. After seven days of registration, your unlimited text and 1GB/day data allowance will end as planned. 300,250],'_com-banner-1,',);
To extend your subscription for an additional 15 days, text GOSURFBE34 to 8080. Your load balance will be reduced by 34 kilowatts.
Text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080 to extend your subscription for an additional 30 days. It costs 121 yen to extend the promotion.
You will receive a text message confirming that your subscription has been extended. Text GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080 to check or verify that you have extended your subscription.
Because GOTSCOMBODD90 can be stacked, any remaining mobile data will be transferred to your new subscription. Simply re-register for the promotion before your subscription runs out, and any remaining mobile data will be added to your refreshed data allocation or ""stacked.""
Buy a promo addon to increase the amount of data included in your subscription. To receive an additional 1GB of mobile Internet data, text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. 37 pesos are required to purchase the add-on.
Don't worry if you run out of data while watching Netflix or YouTube. To add 2GB of data to your GoWatch apps, simply text GOWATCH29 to 8080. The price of this promotional add-on is 29.
Conclusion One of the most cost-effective Internet data promotions is the GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 offer. This promotion really meets all of your requirements if you use a lot of mobile data. Your smartphone can handle watching videos and movie clips with the 1GB of daily data allotted to it, and the 2GB of mobile data is sufficient for light Internet browsing.
Call the Globe customer service hotline at 211 if you have any questions or concerns about this promotion or any other Globe promotion.,,_
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