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The Analysis on the Axial Movement of the Rotary Kiln

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Rotary kiln is a large equipment in industrial production, and its rotary conditions directly connect with the economic benefits of the companies. 

The vertical motion of cylinder is the main factor to influence the rotary efficiency of the rotary kiln.

Although some researches have been done in the movement of clinker rotary kiln, those theories have many shortcomings.

The adjustment of the movement of cement rotary kiln is mainly depends on experience, which lacks of effective theoretical guidance. 

Proceeding with the support’ s force condition is analyzed in the static and revolve state, the stress distributions in the contact areas of support and roller are researched, the tow-dimensional elastic movement of the contact area is studied by Contact Mechanics, and the formula and curve of movement regulation are deduced.

Comparing to the Elastic Movement Theory, the formula is more suitable to the regulation.

The disciplines of axial friction coefficient are studied. In the adjustment of cement rotary kiln’s axial movement:

1. The slant of support and roller’s axes is analysed as the main factor.

The influence of the slant on maximum stress in contact area is studied and the axial movement formula is modified.

The idea of contact angle is presented to study the direct influence on the axial movement.

2. The equivalent weight is put forward to build the model of rotary kiln’s axial movement by using the law of Conservation of Momentum.

3. The adjustment ways of supports and kiln’s axial movement are introduced.

By means of the condition of No. 2 kiln’s axial movement and adjustment, the theoretical interpretation and computation are given by the model.

In summary, a deep analysis on the vertical movement of rotary kiln is done, and the formula of elastic movement is deduced.

Combining the actual conditions of rotary kiln, some disciplines of axial movement are summarized, which provide powerful theoretical dependence for the adjustment of axial movement of the rotary kiln.


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