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The Improvement of the Iron Ore Concentrator is in Great Need

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BF-type flotation machine is suitable for ferrous metal separation, but it can also be used for non-metal, such as: coal fluorite, talc, and it is more widely used in the sorting of gold, silver, copper, iron, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, molybdenum, nickel, tantalum, niobium, manganese ore, coal and other non-ferrous metals, and also for the course and fine separation of black metal and non-metallic.

The BF-1 flotation cells are used as the drawing cells and the JJF flotation cells are used as flowing cells.

Because of the site of the impeller is high and the diameter of the impeller is small, the high density particle are easily precipitate, which causes high concentration in the middle and below of the cell.

The phenomenon of JJF flotation cells leaking air is serious which causes the high of pulp isn’t stable and the index of flotation rises and falls.

In order to solve the problem, the flotation machine should be transformed.

The transform is using BF series flotation machines replace all the BF-1 and the JJF flotation machines.

BF-T flotation machine is a kind of efficient separating equipment, which is especially for the reverse flotation of mineral ore.

It adopts the advantage technology of self-drawing flotation machine and absorbs the merits of this kind flotation machines all world and has special designs for mineral ore reverse flotation.

The impeller of the BF flotation separator is driven by a motor triangular belt, and a negative pressure will be formed because of the centrifugal effect.

On the one hand, sufficient air is mixed with the slurry to stir the slurry with the drug, while refine the foam to make the mineral adhesive bubble and float to slurry surface and then form a mineralized foam.

Adjust the gate height and control the liquid level to help the useful foam scraper be scraped off.

The iron ore concentrator has the following features: inspiratory capacity of the flotation machine, cheap power, and low consumption.

BF flotation machine is the improvement of SF flotation machine, and its largest advantage is to make the ore slurry circular reasonable and reduce the sinking of course ore with a low electricity consumption.

Therefore, the combination of BF and JJF flotation machine should be transformed, and using BF flotation separator to replace JJF separator is a wise choice to improve the flotation efficiency and processing capacity. http://ballmillhongxing.wordpress.com/

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