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4 Tips Before Buying a Land in the Philippines To Avoid Problems

Buying a property or land in the Philippines is a complicated and long-process. As a buyer, you must know what to do and what to be aware of before completely deciding to buy your dream property or land in order to avoid problems in the future.

Here are four (4) tips I found out to be useful before buying a land in the Philippines. I share this to you because these tips help me a lot.
Tips Before Buying Land in Philippines

1st Tip

The law requires you to be more diligent in buying. When you're buying a registered lot or land, look at the TITLE. If it's clean or if the Title has no problems, you can rely on the four corners of the TITLE. You're considered already a buyer in good faith. So you're already protected if you buy it. If the seller shows you the TITLE, it has to be the OWNER'S DUPLICATE TITLE. And the SELLER is the OWNER. In this way, you can say that you're a good buyer in good faith. Three things you should remember when looking at the title.
  • Is the land has an adverse claim? This is a problem when somebody claims the land owned by the seller.
  • Is the land has encumbrance or mortgaged. Or if the land has been used as collateral by the owner during loan.
  • Is the land has "lis pendence"?. Or the land has a pending litigation or under investigation.
 If you found any of these problems, you should find a way to fix those problems or you can find another land to buy.

2nd Tip

Check the authority of the Real Estate Agent who sells the property. Does the agent has SPA (Special Power of Attorney). Is the signature valid?

  • It is more safe to deal with a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker.
  • If the land owner is outside the Philippines or has a serious problem that he cannot personally see the buyer, the Real Estate agent/broker or the dealer must have an SPA.

3rd Tip

One of the things you should ask yourself when buying a land, "Is the land cheap or expensive?" If the price of the land is too low, beware of this property.

4th Tip

The most important thing is to verify the land title in the Registry of Deeds. Request a Certified True Copy of the land title in the Registry of Deeds.

If it's not titled yet (no land title), you can go to the City or Municipality Assessors Office to get a copy of the Tax Declaration. Check the owner's name, lot address, tax declaration number, the lot area and other important info found in the Tax Declaration.

If you are still have any doubts to the land you're going to buy, it's best to consult a lawyer and ask questions. Protect yourself from fraud or hidden issues of the land you want to buy.

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kylemacatangay   (22 August 2019 2:34 PM) [Entry]

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Yassi   (19 December 2018 11:25 AM) [Entry]

Bumili po kasi ako ng lupa 100square meter 180k pesos 10k/per month dun po sa malamig malapit po kina ate darlene kakilala nya po may pinakisuyuan po ako taga hulog ko at may pirmahan po ngayon pinaltan po yun lupa na binili ko e ayaw ko po nun may plano po kasi ako dun sa lupa na gusto ko ayaw po nila pumayag pwede ko po kaya mabawi hinulog ko may last hulog po ako ngayon dec 20k nakaready na po. May nakatira po dun sa binili ko lupa at may lutuan ng puto

leni lee   (17 September 2018 9:26 PM) [Entry]

Sir,im planning to buy a land..The owner agreed to pay partial payment..What proof will i have that he will give me as a proof that i already paid the half price,is it ok that he can give a written agreement that he received the money?..

Jovanne P Carsido   (01 February 2018 6:19 AM) [Entry]

Sir good morning ca i request a sample of land purchase agreement sir

thank you sir

Jan Lawrence T. Cardones   (04 October 2017 1:23 PM) [Entry]

Good Day,

I'm a real estate agent in Cebu. I would like to ask how and where does the agent's role come into play here besides being the middle person? What are the do's and donts in being an agent selling property?

Thank you.

PwedePadala.com   (20 September 2017 0:01 AM) [Entry]

Another tip I would like to add is to verify if the owner/s are still alive. It's the issue a bank representative had revealed to us with the land title we have shown. There are six/five owners listed on the land title and some are already deceased. Because of that, we have decided to find another property.