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Can You Pay PhilHealh Thru Metrobank Online Banking?

As of this date, you cannot pay your PhilHealth contributions through Metrobank online banking. Even if you log-in to Metrobank's online banking website (MetrobankDirect), PhilHealth is not listed in the list of Billers/Merchants.

Pay PhilHealth thru Metrobank Online Banking

If PhilHealth partners with Metrobank in terms of accepting online payment, we'll announce it here.

If Metrobank accepts PhilHealth payments through its online banking facility, it would be very convenient and cost-effective to PhilHealth members especially to those who are enrolled in Metrobank's online banking website.

The possible scenarios if Metrobank online banking accepts PhilHealth payments are:
  • As a PhilHealth member, you can pay your contribution anytime, anywhere at the comfort of your home or office.
  • No need to spend money for transportation going to the PhilHealth office just to pay your contribution
  • After paying your PhilHealth contribution to Metrobank's online banking website, you can retrieve, save and print the receipt of your payment.
  • Probably, Metrobank online banking facility can store your PhilHealth payment receipt and payment transactions.

PhilHealth must go to the direction where members can easily pay their contributions anytime and anywhere at a click of a button just like paying SSS or PAG-IBIG through online banking.

Do you want to pay your PhilHealth contributions through Metrobank online banking? Tell us your thoughts in the comment below.
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3 anjie   (20 January 2017 12:40 PM)
hello! what are the steps how to pay philhealth premium contribution vis metrobank direct online?thank you!

1 Concerned Payee   (26 June 2015 10:56 PM)
Yes! the benefits have been stated above.
I have been paying my SSS thru Metrobank online.

If they can also include PAG-IBIG.

2 admin   (28 June 2015 10:39 AM)
Concerned Payee, hello. May I know if a new SSS member with zero contribution can pay thru Metrobank online for the first time?